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How To: Manually Send Terms & Conditions Acceptance Email

Learn how to manually send the Terms & Conditions email if ignored during the check in process.


In this article, you will find instructions on how to manually send an "Accept Terms & Conditions" email from a Reservation Summary. This process is used when the Terms & Conditions were ignored during the check-in process, but you still need to collect acceptance of the policies. The system will send out a predefined email directly to the guest, who will have the option to click on a link to complete the acceptance online.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Find Reservation Summary

  1. Navigate to the Booking page.
  2. Click on Reservation List or Front Desk Lists.
  3. Locate and click on reservation confirmation to view Reservation Summary.

Step 2: Send "Accept Terms & Conditions" email

  1. At the top of the Reservation Summary, click on the Email button.
  2. Select the Accept Terms & Conditions email.
    1. "Email successfully sent" is your indication the email was sent to the email on the Guest Profile.

Manually Email T&C Acceptance Request

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