Flexible Lock Site: FAQ

Learn how to use the flexible lock site function rule and increase revenue potential by automatically applying a fee.


Campspot's Flexible Lock Site feature empowers campgrounds to offer guests the option to lock specific sites, enhancing their booking experience whether booking online or through your Front Desk.With customizable rules based on seasonality, site types, booking windows, and stay durations, this rule will enable you to strategically increase ancillary revenue.

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Q: What is a Locked Site?

Campspot offers the option for guests to secure a specific site during their reservation, whether it's made online or via phone with your Front Desk. Once a site is locked during the booking process, it's designated as "locked" in the Reservation Grid.

Importantly, locked sites are excluded from Campspot's Automatic Grid Optimization feature, ensuring they remain reserved for the booking.

Q: Can I charge for a Locked Site?

Yes, you can assign a fee to locked sites, as part of your Flexbile Lock Site setup. This fee will be automatically applied to the reservation if the guest chooses to lock a site. The fee acts as compensation for the limited optimization capabilities of a locked site.

Q: How much should I charge?

The fee for locked sites varies among Campspot users. Consider the potential cost of leaving a site locked - it hinders optimization and might lead to unused nights between reservations. Your fee should cover the potential loss of business resulting from the locked site.

Q: Is the fee for locking a site a nightly or a one-time fee?

The rule allows you to set a one-time fee for the locked site, simplifying the fee structure.

Q: Do I have to charge or can I just offer the lock complimentarily?

While you can offer the lock complimentary, guests can only select their site when booking online if there's a fee associated with the lock site rule. Even if you don't charge for locking, the rule must be configured to enable the lock site function.

A lock site rule must be configured to use the lock site function, even if there is no locking fee.

Q: How can I track the performance of my Locked Site Fee?

To monitor the impact and usage of your Flexible Locked Site Fee, utilize the "Locking Data by Site" report in Campspot. This report provides insights into the number and percentage of site nights that are locked over a specified date range, helping you make informed decisions regarding your site locking strategy.

Q: How can a Flexible Lock Site fee be overridden for Group Reservations that meet a certain criteria?

You can define the minimum number of reservations required in order for the system to not apply a fee to those bookings. Found under Campground Setup, you will input the minimum number of bookings required in the field seen below:

Group Min