Lock Site function: FAQ & Setup

Learn how to use the lock site function rule and increase revenue potential by automatically applying a fee.

Q: What is a Locked Site?

Campspot offers the ability for a guest to lock a specific site for their reservation when booking online or over the phone with your Front Desk. When selecting the site during the booking process, the site selected will show as locked in the Reservation Grid and will no longer be applicable to be optimized with Campspot's Automatic Grid Optimization feature (click here for more details).

Q: Can I charge for a Locked Site?

When a site is locked, it limits your ability to optimize your grid (Booking Grid Tetris game) so filling those gaps or moving reservations around to create space for new reservations will be limited.

As part of the setup for a Lock Site rule, you will have the opportunity to assign a dollar amount to the rule which will be automatically applied to the booking if the site is locked.

Q: How much should I charge?

Users of Campspot charge a wide range depending on your preference.

Consider this: the moment a site is locked, it cannot be optimized. What is the cost of a single night gap between two reservations on that site? By locking that site, there is could be a loss of business for that unused night. Should your fee for locking that site cover some of that loss?

Q: Is the fee for locking a site a nightly or a one-time fee?

The rule discussed below allows you to set a one-time fee for the locked site.

Q: Do I have to charge or can I just offer the lock complimentarily?

You do not have to charge the guest for locking a site. However, the only way for a guest to select their site when booking online is to have a fee set within the rule.

A lock site rule must be configured to use the lock site function, even if there is no locking fee.

Q: How can I track the performance of my Locked Site Fee?

Use the report in Campspot called: Locking Data by Site. This report by site the number and percentage of site nights that are locked over the specified date range.

Adding a Locked Site Variation

1. Navigate to Rules > Functions

2. Click on Lock Site Function 

3. Click the New Variation button opens a blank lock site rule form.

New Variation

4. Complete the form and click Save.

Locked Site Form

Lock Site Function Rule Form

Variation Name

The variation name is used to identify the rule in the rules list after saving. This field is not customer facing. It may be helpful to make reference to what is being locked within the rule to easily identify the rule from other later. 

Site Types/ Add-on Types

A site type or an add-on type must be selected but cannot include both within the same rule. Click in the site type or add-on type field and select an active type from the list to add to the rule.

Sites can be locked for $_ locking fee

This is the amount per reservation that will be added to lock the selected site.

Financial Account

This rule requires the financial account for cash and accrual to be configured in order to save. An active financial account can be selected by clicking in the field and selecting one from the list.

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