How to Split a Reservation on Multiple Sites

Splitting a reservation is done when a guest starts their stay on one site and moves to another part-way through their reservation. To achieve this you can make a multi-site reservation with staggered dates.

Before making changes to any reservation, please make note of the site occupancy and any special rates!

  1. Select the reservation to split from the guest’s Reservation History.  From the Reservation tab, click the EDIT button in the top-right corner.

2. Click on the orange reservation bar in the grid to modify the current site.

3. From the dark gray slide-out, change the check-out date to the day the guest will be leaving their current site.

4. Select the current site from the grid of available sites.  This will always be the first site listed in the second grid.

5. Once the same site for the new dates is selected, click “Show Edit Details” in the gray box at the top of the page.  This will show the date changes for the site as well as any price differences.  To confirm the changes and return to the guest’s reservation, click the SUBMIT button.

To add the new site to the guest’s stay, click the EDIT button from the Reservation tab again (see Step 1).  This time, click the “Add New Site” button in the corner above the grid.

Set the Check-In date as the day the guest will be moving into the new site, and the Check-Out date as the last day of their stay.  Select the new site for these days from the second grid.  This new site will turn gray once selected for the reservation.  Click “Show Edit Details” in the gray box at the top of the page again to view the new site that has been added to the reservation, and SUBMIT to confirm the changes.


8. After clicking SUBMIT, the reservation split has been finalized.  The guest’s reservation will now show bookings on two separate sites with dates that correspond to when they are staying on each site.  Also, since Campspot recognizes this as one reservation, it is not necessary to check the guest out then back in when they move sites.