Reservation Billing & Invoicing

Watch: How to Set up Recurring Billing (with Guide)

Unlock Seamless Periodic Invoicing with Campspot's Recurring Billing - Master Setup, Best Practices, and More!


Effortlessly bill guests periodically with Recurring Billing using this comprehensive guide. Whether you prefer a step-by-step walkthrough or a quick video tutorial, master the setup process to streamline your billing practices.


  • Set up Recurring Billing for seamless periodic invoicing.
  • Learn best practices and tips for efficient long-term reservation management.
  • Explore payment reallocation options for over or underpayments.


The ability to edit Billing Settings is permissions based. If you do not see this option in your view of Campspot, update your permissions in User Management or contact your manager for assistance. 

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Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Change Billing Settings

  1. From the Reservation Summary, click on the Billing tab
  2. In the Billing Settings, click on Edit Billing Settings
  3. Select Recurring Invoices

Step 2: Define Recurring Billing Settings

Define how you want the Recurring Billing to be defined including:

  1. Billing Interval
  2. Whether the billing follows the start of the calendar month or the start of the reservation
  3. Payment Method
  4. How many days in advance the invoice should be emailed to the guest.
  5. Add Recurring Miscellaneous Charge(s) (click here to learn more about this feature)

Res Billing_Recurring Billing Setup

Step 3: Confirm Changes

  • Click Save Changes when all parameters have been defined.

Payments and Invoices  

When utilizing Recurring Billing, a single reservation triggers the creation of multiple invoices. This streamlined process allows for efficient handling of periodic billing.

Payment Application:

Payments made by guests can be applied across various invoices within Recurring Billing reservations. The application of payments depends on the specific cost of each individual invoice and the amount paid by the customer.

Example: If a guest's monthly bill is $500 and they make a $550 payment, $500 will be allocated to their current bill, and the remaining $50 will be applied to their subsequent bill.

Multiple Payments on One Invoice:

In some instances, multiple payments may be applied to a single invoice. The Payments section of the reservation details the date each payment was made and applied, providing a transparent overview.

Screen Shot 2022-03-14 at 10.42.48

Payment Reallocation:

The "Reallocate Payments" button serves as a valuable tool for managing over or underpayments within the invoices. This option becomes visible on the Billing tab when modifications to reservation items result in over or underpayments on an earlier invoice.

Example: If a charge is removed from an invoice that has already been paid in full, resulting in an overpayment, the "Reallocate Payments" button facilitates the movement of this surplus to the next invoice with an outstanding balance.

See the clip below for a visual demonstration of removing a charge from a fully paid invoice, leading to an overpayment. The subsequent use of the "Reallocate Payments" button effectively transfers the surplus to the next invoice.


Recurring Billing Best Practices & Tips:

  1. Limit long-term reservation lengths to 1 year.
  2. Note pricing before making edits to a reservation.
  3. Recurring Billing requires a confirmed reservation.
  4. Set up automatic payments in Billing Settings.

Most Common FAQ:

Q: Can I use Recurring Billing for any reservation length?

Yes, Recurring Billing can be applied to reservations of any length with billing intervals: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

Q: What happens if I edit a reservation with Recurring Billing?

Always note pricing before edits, as changes may impact past invoices due to pricing adjustments. Click here to learn to Manage Recurring Billing: Manual Rate Adjustments

Q: Is a confirmed reservation necessary for Recurring Billing?

Yes, Recurring Billing requires a confirmed reservation for processing.

Q: How do I ensure automatic payments are set up for Recurring Billing?

Set up automatic payments in Billing Settings to facilitate efficient and timely transactions.