How To: Refund POS Transactions

Below, learn the different methods and necessary steps for refunding POS sales.

1) Locate the receipt that you'd like to refund through Point Of Sale > Storefront > Receipts > History. 

If the receipt is already open there then you will find it under the Current tab. If you will need to search for the receipt you can do so through the History tab.

Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 15.47.29


2) Void the items that you will be refunding. The Refund button only becomes clickable when there are voided items on the receipt. To void an item, click on the item on the receipt and click the Void Item(s) button that appears. 

Note: You can easily Cancel a Void by clicking the item again and then by clicking the Cancel Void button that appears. (54)


3) Click the Refund button at the bottom of the receipt. In the Refund modal that appears, confirm the displayed Refund Amount is accurate and select the Refund Type. Once you have selected your Refund Type you will be prompted to select a Refund Reason. Indicate whether the Refund is a Return or Broken/Expired.

4) Follow the provided prompts for the Refund Type that you've selected. Click the Refund button at the bottom right corner of the refund modal. 

Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 16.15.02

Refund Types

Below you will find information on the various refund types and how they can be used.

Refunding via Cash 

When processing a refund via cash, select Cash as the Refund Type, select the Refund Reason and click the green Refund button. Last, provide the refunded cash amount back to the guest

Refunding via Credit 

When selecting Credit and the Refund Type, you will be prompted to select a Credit Card Terminal. In order to process a POS refund via credit card directly in Campspot, you must have an integrated Credit Card Terminal set up. Refunds back to credit cards require the physical card to be run through the chosen on-site terminal. It is not possible to enter the card details to manually process a POS refund to credit card in Campspot.

Virtual Terminal:  The Virtual Terminal refund method records a refund made with a non-integrated credit card terminal such as Square. Doing a refund via Virtual Terminal will not process an actual refund, it will only show that the receipt has been refunded and the actual refund must be completed by you outside of Campspot. This method can also be selected if you have opted to enter the refund manually via the Cardpointe website.

Virtual Gift Card Terminal: The Virtual Gift Card Terminal refund method records a refund made with a non-integrated gift card terminal. The Virtual Gift Card Terminal refund method does not process an actual refund and if you select this method you will need to manually complete the refund outside of Campspot.


The image below shows a refund via Credit Card. The list of Credit Card Terminals shows that the park has 4 integrated terminals set up. If they have their guests Credit Card available on site they can select a terminal and run the card manually for a refund. This park has the Virtual Terminal and Virtual Gift Card Terminal refund methods available which can be selected but will also required them to process the refund manually outside of Campspot.

Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 16.58.57

Refunding via Other 

When refunding via Other, the available Refund Types will depend upon your park's setup. Typical options include Certificate, Check and Gift Card.

Certificate: The Certificate refund type records a refund designated as a certificate for a point of sale receipt. You are required to enter a certificate ID submit a certificate refund. The certificate ID is not generated from Campspot but instead determined by your park. This field is populated on a report used for tracking purposes.

Check:  The Check refund Type records a check given as a refund for a point of sale receipt. A check number and driver's license field are required to submit a check refund. These field are populated on a report used for tracking purposes. If you do not have that information during the refund, you can use filler numbers. 

Gift Card: The Gift Card Refund Type processes a refund to a Gift Card purchased through Campspot. This Refund Type is only available if you have setup Campspot integrated gift cards through Factor4. The gift card used for the refund must be activated in order for the refund to process.

Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 11.13.14

Refunding on Charge to Site Purchases 

When initiating a refund on a transaction that was paid for via Charge to Site, you will not have the option to choose a different Refund Type. When you void the receipt item(s) and click Refund, you will be taken to the refund modal where the Charge to Site refund will be displayed. The refund will be processed via the guest's reservation invoice.

The image below shows the refund modal for a Charge to Site receipt. 

Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 11.10.09