How To: Make A Group Reservation Hold & Claim Sites

Creating a Group Reservation Hold will permit staff to reserve multiple sites under a wagon master’s profile and later transfer them and take payment from each of the wagon master’s group members.

How do I book a group reservation?

  1. From the Grid & Reservation page, click New Reservation

2.  Fill out the Site Search Criteria form and click Search. Note: Each site in the group must be searched for individually so you should not enter the total amount of guests in your search but rather the amount of guests for the first site in the group. 

3. Select the first site to your Campspot cart by clicking the desired sites from the Grid, List, or Map view. Once the site has been selected, enter any RV equipment information (if required) and Add to Cart. For reservations of RV sites, you will be required to enter RV information and if you do not have that for each guest you can use placeholder information until you can update it to accurate information upon claiming the site. 

After adding the first Site to the Cart, click the X at the top right corner of the modal to close it, select the next site and repeat the same steps as described above. Continue this until each Site for the group is added to the Cart.

4. Add any desired add-ons to the Campspot cart and click Next

5. On the first Check Out page, enter all of required guest details. The information entered should be that of the person reserving for the group. This guest will become the 'Wagon Master' of the group. The Wagon Master is not responsible for payment of the reservation but is the person whose name is used to secure the group hold.  After adding those details, click Continue to Group Reservation

6. Give the group reservation a name and specify the date and time unclaimed sites should ‘expire’ and be removed from your reservation grid. The default expiration time is 48 hours.

8. Click Confirm Group Reservation

How do I claim a group reservation?

  1. From the Group Reservation Detail Modal, click the checkbox associated with the site you wish to claim
  2. Click Claim
  3. Input the claiming guest’s details and click Continue to Payment
  4. Choose the appropriate payment amount, payment method, and click Continue
  5. Click Submit Payment
  6. The guest has claimed their reservation

The clip below shows this process: 


Note: Any reservation that was once part of a group reservation can access their Group Reservation detail by clicking the group reservation name at the top of the claimed reservation.