How To: Gain insight into reservations with customizable forms

Unlock a deeper understanding of your guests and reservations by defining reasons for visiting your park, referral sources, and cancellations.


Campspot offers customizable forms to gather valuable information about your guests and their reservations.


These forms are available at various stages of the reservation process, allowing you to gain insights into:

  1. Reason for Visit: Understand the purpose of the guests' stay.
  2. Referral Sources: Learn how guests discovered your park.
  3. Cancelation Reason: Analyze why reservations are canceled.

Use this guide to set up these fields and explore common use cases for each.


These features are integrated into the reservation process. While there is no opt-in option, you can customize the available drop-down lists.

Define Forms List

  1. Navigate to Campground Setup
  2. Click on the Properties tab
  3. Select the Forms List section
  4. Each of the 3 sections mentioned above are available on this page. You have the ability to define the list of selections available in the drop-down menu.
  5. Easily add new selections by clicking on Add Item and inputting the new item.

Please Note:

Once an item has been added to a Forms List, it cannot be deleted, but can be changed or updated by click on the pencil icon beside that item.

Reason for Visit

Reasons for visit

Explore the various reasons guests visit your park. This field is optional, allowing you to decide its use. Here are ten common reasons:

Vacation Work
Weekend Getaway Family Vacation
Group Event Passing Through
Birthday / Anniversary Local Event
Park Event Holiday

Referral Source

Referral SourcesInvestigate how guests discover your park. This field is also optional. The following are ten common referral sources:

Friend Returning Guest
Website Internet Search
Marketplace Good Sam
Facebook Group
OTA Online Ad

Cancelation Reason

Cancellation Reason

Delve into the reasons behind reservation cancellations. This field is not mandatory but highly recommended. Here are ten common cancellation reasons:

Change in Travel Plans Weather Conditions
Health or Illness Emergency
Work Conflict Site or Park Issues
Travel Restrictions Personal Reasons
Double Booking Covid 19