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How To: Claim a Pencil-In Hold

Claiming a Pencil-In Hold converting it to a confirmed reservation.


Pencil-In Holds in Campspot allow you to secure a campsite for a guest when their payment information is not immediately available. This feature empowers guests to complete their reservations within a specified time frame, ensuring a seamless booking process. This article will explain how to claim a Pencil-In Hold once a guest is ready to convert to a confirmed reservation.


Pencil-In Holds are beneficial for:

  • Holding a campsite temporarily when payment information is unavailable.
  • Providing guests with the opportunity to finalize their reservations online within a designated time period.

Pencil-in holds display on the grid as grey blocks with text indicating the reservation holder's name. This type of hold can be locked and therefore may appear candy-striped. 


Please Note: A Pencil-in Hold must be claimed before the Unclaimed Site Release date to make it a confirmed reservation.

Your guest can claim their hold through the email they received, or they can contact you to complete it through the Admin Site. The process below follows the process of claiming the site via your park's Admin Site.


To convert a Pencil-In Hold into a confirmed reservation:

Claiming a Pencil-in Hold

1. Locate the hold from the Reservation Grid or the Guest Profile and open it to access the Reservation Summary page. At the top of the page, click the Claim button. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 16.16.28

2. On the first Check Out page confirm that all of the Guest and Billing information, Promo Codes and Discounts are correct and click Continue To Payment at the bottom of the page. 

3. Confirm the payment amount shown is correct and select the Payment Method you'll use from the list displayed.

If the default total balance is not the amount being paid, make sure to select the Override Minimum Due checkbox and enter the amount in Other Amount.  Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 16.38.24

4. Follow the prompts on the Payment Entry screen based on the Payment Method you selected. Verify whether you would like to send the guest an email confirmation upon reservation confirmation and then click the green button to submit the payment. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 16.38.47

5. After the payment is submitted, the reservation is confirmed and will show on your Reservation Grid and Reservation List.

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