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Watch: How To Change the Site Type of a Site (with guide)

Follow this process to move an existing site from one site type to another. Most commonly used when upgrading site amenities or restructuring rates.


Changing the Site Type of a Site in Campspot requires a meticulous process to maintain reporting integrity. This video tutorial provides you with the steps required to Inactivate one Site to be replaced by another Site within a different Site Type. Following the video is a brief explanation of each step with additional resources.

Learn more! For an in-depth guide on this process check out this resource:

Part 1: Add Cannot be Booked Online Rule (00:22 - 01:40)

As a best practice, implement a rule to temporarily halt any bookings for this Site Type until all necessary actions are completed.

Part 2: Inactivate Old Site in Unit Setup (01:40 - 03:02)

In Site Setup, uncheck the box in front Active in the Old Site setup and unassign the site from the Booking Layout Map.

  1. Navigate to Campground Setup > Unit Setup.
  2. Click on the site category of the old site type.
  3. Click on the old site type.
  4. Click on the old site.
  5. Uncheck the Active box.
  6. Unassign the old site from the map by clicking on the site in the map section. If the site is blue, this means it is not currently assigned to a site.
  7. Save the site.

Please Note:

All reservations should be moved off the site that is being Inactivated prior to completing this step. Reservations can be moved to another Site within the same Site Type or to another Site Type depending on your preference. Check out the resource below to learn more:

Part 3: Add New Site (03:03 - 04:23)

Add the new Site to Unit Setup. Learn more about this process by clicking below:

Part 4: Remove Cannot be Booked Online rule (04:24 - 04:38)

  1. Navigate to Rules > Functions > Cannot be booked online.
  2. Select the box next to the site type change block rule.
  3. Then click the Delete option in the menu bar.

Additional Resources

The process referenced in this video explains how to Remove an Old Site to make room for a new one. If your adding a New Site Type as well, check out the resources below to complete additional tasks not referenced in the video:

Create a New Site Type How To: Add a New Site Type
Update Base Prices for a New Site Type How To: Add Base Pricing for a New Site Type
Update Rules for a New Site Type

Add Site Type to All Applicable Rules: Ensure your new Site Type has all applicable rules assigned. Critical rules include:

Don't stop there! Click here to learn what other rules are available in your Admin Site.

Reminder: There can be more many rules associated with a new site type. It is recommended that you review all rule types when adding a new site type. If pricing rules apply, the new site type should be added to these rules prior to moving any existing reservations from the old site so that the same rules are applied when the reservation is moved.