Unit Setup

How To: Add a New Site to a Site Type

Learn how to add new sites to an existing Site Type.


Effortlessly expand your campground offerings by adding new sites to existing Site Types using Campspot's intuitive Unit Setup. This comprehensive guide ensures a seamless process, from site selection to amenity customization.


  • Site Category Selection: Choose from active site types, such as RV Sites, Lodging, Tent Sites, or Other, ensuring flexibility for diverse campground layouts.
  • Detailed Site Information: Fill out the new site form with ease, providing essential details like site name, location on the map, and relevant amenities for an enhanced camper experience.
  • RV Site Options: Tailor RV sites with specific features, including allowed RV types, slideout configurations, and size specifications.
  • Individual Site Addition: Learn the step-by-step process for adding sites individually, providing a clear pathway for campground expansion.

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Navigate to Unit Setup

  1. Navigate to Campground Setup.
  2. Select Unit Setup.

Step 2: Add a New Site

  1. Click the preferred Site Category (Tent Sites, Lodging, RV Sites, or Other)
  2. Click on the existing Site Type name the new site will be added to.
  3. Click the Add Site button

Step 3: Complete the New Site form

  1. Fill out the form to meet your specifications. Required fields will be indicated with a red asterisk. These must be filled out to complete this process.
  2. Click the Save Changes button.
Is Active Check this box to indicate that the site is active and ready for bookings.
Under Development  
Name* Define the Site Number or Name.
Map Location

Choose an available site on the map where the new site is situated. Unassigned sites are denoted by a dark teal icon (refer to icons below). Once selected, the icon will change to magenta.

Site Icons


Automatically inherits the amenities assigned to the Site Type. Add additional amenities by selecting from the dropdown menu. Remove an amenity by clicking in front or behind it and pressing delete or backspace on your keyboard.

RV Types Allowed* Select which RV type allowed on the site.
Slideouts Allowed*

Define if the site will support RVs with: None (no slideouts), Driver Side, or Both Sides.

RV Length Mix / Max* Set the minimum and maximum length an RV site can accommodate . This field is required and is very important to ensure your guests can book sites their rig can fit on appropriately.
Site Length / Width Let your guests know the length and width of the site.

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Most Common FAQ:

Q: How will the rates for the new site be assigned?

By adding the new Site to an existing Site Type, the rates already assigned to the Site Type will be applied to the new Site.

Q: I am trying to add a new site to an existing Site Type, but I do not see an available site to assign it to the Booking Map. What do I do?

The Booking Map within Campspot is managed by Campspot. Also referred to as Booking Layout, we will work with you to add the new site.

Check out this article to learn more about Campspot's Booking Layout.

Q: Can multiple sites be added to the system at one time?

Sites can only be added one at a time. If you are adding 25 or more sites to your Admin Site, please email us for additional support.