Add a new Site

Steps to add new sites to an existing site type.

To Find the Site Setup

Click on the primary navigation icon and select Campground Setup.

Select Unit Setup from the secondary menu.

To Add a New Site

Select a Site Category with an active site type.

Select a Site Type by clicking in the row of an active site type.

Click the Add Site button.

Enter the site type name in the Name field.

Click the Save button.


If you are adding an RV site, continue with the following steps before saving.


Click in the box under RV Types Allowed and select all the applicable RV Types from the dropdown list.

Click in the box under Slideouts Allowed and select one option from the dropdown list.

Enter a value in the RV Length Min field.

Enter a value in the RV Length Max field.

It is optional to enter a value in the Site Length and Site Width fields.