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How To: Add a Miscellaneous Charge to Recurring Invoices

Learn how to add a miscellaneous charge to reservations with recurring invoices.


Enhance your recurring billing process by seamlessly integrating Miscellaneous Charges into your reservation's billing settings. This enhancement eliminates the need for regular manual application of fees, significantly increasing efficiency for parks accustomed to regular fee application.


  • Streamlined Billing: Automate billing for extended stays or long-term reservations with Campspot's Recurring Billing feature.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Integrate Miscellaneous Charges seamlessly into recurring invoices to ensure all fees are accounted for without manual intervention.
  • Efficient Management: Utilize recurring invoices for regular billing cycles, efficiently managing ongoing payments for your reservations.

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Apply Miscellaneous Charges to Recurring Invoices

The Recurring Billing feature simplifies periodic billing with precision enabling you to effortlessly bill guests based on your specified parameters, from intervals to payment preferences. Recurring invoices are typically utilized for extended stay, or long-term reservations. If you're new to setting up recurring invoices, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide for step-by-step instructions, including the addition of Miscellaneous Charges.

For reservations that qualify for a miscellaneous charge, you can easily add these charges into your recurring invoices, enhancing accuracy and convenience. These charges are automatically applied, saving time and ensuring all fees are captured without manual effort.

Multi-Site Reservation Note: 

During this initial feature release, a recurring miscellaneous fee cannot be applied to multi-site reservations due to multiple invoices. We are aware of this being a gap in the feature and are actively working on a solution for a future update.

The instructions below will explain how to add these charges to the Recurring Invoices settings found on each Billing tab of the Reservation Summary assuming:

  1. The reservation is using the recurring invoice billing settings.
  2. You are assigning an existing Miscellaneous Charge.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Find the Billing tab

  1. Locate and click on a Reservation to view the Reservation Summary.
  2. Click on the Billing tab.
  3. In the Billing Settings, click on Edit Billing Settings.

Step 2: Add Recurring Miscellaneous Charge

  1. Find the Recurring Miscellaneous charge section of the Billing Settings form.
  2. Click Add New Charge.
  3. Select the charge from the drop-down menu and define:
    1. Verify or edit the rate.
    2. Define the quantity (the number of times this charge should be charged on a single invoice).
    3. Add a Note, if applicable.
  4. Click Add Charge.
  5. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the Billing Settings section.

Setup Recurring Misc Charge

Most Common FAQ:

Q: What is Campspot's Recurring Billing feature?

Campspot's Recurring Billing feature streamlines your periodic billing needs by allowing you to bill guests automatically based on your specified parameters, such as billing intervals and payment preferences.

Q: How does integrating Miscellaneous Charges enhance my billing process?

Integrating Miscellaneous Charges into your recurring invoices allows you to capture additional fees seamlessly. These charges are automatically applied to invoices, saving you time and ensuring all charges are accounted for without manual intervention.

Q: When are recurring invoices typically used?

Recurring invoices are commonly utilized for extended stay or long-term reservations, where regular billing cycles are necessary to manage ongoing payments efficiently.