Reservation Billing & Invoicing

How To: Add a Charge to an Invoice

Learn the steps to manually add charges to invoices for precise billing management.


This guide illuminates the process of manually adding charges to invoices in Campspot, ensuring accurate billing adjustments. Learn how to navigate the Reservation Summary and utilize the Billing section to effortlessly manage charges.


This guide is essential for users who need to make manual adjustments to reservation invoices by adding new charges. Ensure precise billing and streamline your workflow with these step-by-step instructions.


Before adding a new charge to the reservation, ensure it is set up as a  Miscellaneous Charge first.

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Click here to learn more about Miscellaneous Charges.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Navigate to the Reservation Summary
  2. Click on Billing
  3. Scroll down to Invoice Details
  4. Click + Add New Charge, found in green at the bottom of the Invoice Details.

The clip below shows a charge being added to an invoice.

In this situation, the Online Convenience Fee was setup as a Reservation Surcharge and was removed during a reservation edit due to a change in the Reservation Surcharge rule. (38)

Most Common FAQ:

Q: Can I add any charge to the invoice, or are there limitations?

You can add any charge to the invoice, provided it is set up as a Miscellaneous Charge. Ensure that the charge is appropriately configured before attempting to add it to the invoice.

Q: What should I do if the added charge needs to be modified or removed?

If modifications or removal are needed for an added charge, follow the same process outlined in the guide. Navigate to the Reservation Summary, click on Billing, scroll down to Invoice Details, and locate the specific charge. Then, click on the three green dots next to it and choose the appropriate action.

Q: Is there a way to track changes made to the invoice, including added charges?

Yes, you can track changes made to the invoice by reviewing the Invoice History section in the Billing tab. It outlines all modifications, including the addition of new charges, providing a comprehensive history of billing adjustments.