Housekeeping: What's on the Page?

Explore Campspot's Housekeeping feature with an introduction to the function and an overview of the customizable setup empowering you to elevate your operations.


    Discover the power of Campspot's Housekeeping feature with our comprehensive overview. From managing task lists to assigning responsibilities and tracking maintenance requests, this article provides a complete guide to optimizing your housekeeping operations. Explore each aspect of the feature and learn how to leverage its capabilities for streamlined efficiency and enhanced guest satisfaction.

    Campspot's Housekeeping Feature

    Campspot Housekeeping feature is designed to streamline operations and maximize productivity, this feature empowers you to organize, assign, and track tasks seamlessly.

    In this article, we'll explore the key components of the Housekeeping feature, including the Status Dashboard, Housekeepers Setup, Sites Setup, Task List setup, and maintenance request tracking.

    Whether you're a seasoned user or just getting started, this guide will help you unlock the full potential of Campspot's Housekeeping feature.

    The information below will dive into the various functions available on the Housekeeping page including:

    1. Status Dashboard
    2. Housekeepers Setup
    3. Sites Setup
    4. Task List Setup
    5. Using the Housekeeping page to create Maintenance tasks

    Get Started Now! Check out this resource to learn the steps required to successfully set up your Housekeeping feature:

    Please Note:

    This feature is permission based on User setup found in User Management. If you do not have the permissions set up in your Admin Site, update those based on the information provided in this article:

    Status Dashboard

    Efficiently manage daily housekeeping tasks with Campspot's Housekeeping Status Dashboard. Track assignments, update task completion, reassign tasks, and prioritize sites for maximum efficiency and guest satisfaction.

    Housekeepers Setup

    Assign staff to specific areas, troubleshoot issues, and optimize team management for enhanced productivity. Explore our guide to delegating staff responsibilities effectively for streamlined task allocation.

    Sites Setup

    Customize task requirements for individual sites, assign Task Lists directly, and troubleshoot visibility issues seamlessly. Explore further resources for comprehensive housekeeping control and optimize your operations for efficiency and guest satisfaction.

    Task List Setup

    Customize task lists tailored to your park's unique needs, ensuring consistent standards and guest satisfaction. Define essential tasks, create subtasks, and track progress effortlessly for optimized operations. Explore our step-by-step guide to setting up task lists and enhancing your housekeeping workflow.

    Maintenance Tasks

    Learn to efficiently manage maintenance tasks alongside housekeeping activities with Campspot's Housekeeping feature. Explore seamless functionality for task management, ensuring timely attention to maintenance needs and enhancing guest satisfaction. Enhance your operational efficiency and elevate guest experiences with our comprehensive guide.