Group Reservations Versus Multisite Reservations

Learn the differences between Group Reservations and Multisite Reservations below.

1. Group Reservations

  • Group reservations cannot be created online by guests - they can only be created by your park through the Admin Site.
  • Group reservations begin as a hold of a group of sites. These sites have an Unclaimed Site Release date which can be considered an expiration date.
  • The hold is reserved in one name - the name of the 'Wagon Master.' The Wagon Master is not responsible for payment of the cost of sites. 
  • Individual sites are claimed by members of the group and those individual members are responsible for payment. The reservations transfer to the name of the individuals claiming the sites but remain part of the group.
  • Each claimed site has its own invoice.
  • Individual site can be removed or added to a group.
  • Sites within a group can check out one different dates.

2. Multisite Reservations 

  • Multisite reservations can be created online by guests or by your park through the Admin Site. 
  • Multisite reservations are confirmed reservations that contain more than one site. 
  • The reservation is confirmed in the name of the person booking. Individual sites on the reservation cannot be transferred to different guests. 
  • All sites on the reservation exist on one invoice and are paid for on that invoice. 
  • Individual sites cannot be removed from a multisite reservation.
  • A multisite reservation cannot be converted to a group reservation. 
  • Whether sites within a multisite reservation have different check out dates or not, site can only be checked out if the reservation balance is paid in full.