Groups & Multi-Site Reservations

Group Reservations Versus Multisite Reservations

Learn the differences between Group Reservations and Multisite Reservations.


Dive into the distinctions between Group Reservations and Multisite Reservations. Group Reservations involve holds created by the park, individual site claims, and flexible invoicing, while Multisite Reservations allow online creation, unified invoicing, and strict site-to-guest associations.

Group Reservations

  • Guests cannot create Group reservations online; only your park through the Admin Site can initiate them.

  • Group reservations commence as a hold on a set of sites, each with an Unclaimed Site Release date, akin to an expiration date.

  • The reservation is held in one name – the 'Wagon Master.' The Wagon Master is not financially responsible for the site costs.

  • Members of the group claim individual sites and are accountable for payment. Reservations transition to the claimants' names while remaining part of the group.

  • Each claimed site has its unique invoice for payment tracking.

  • Individual sites can be added or removed from a group reservation.

  • Sites within a group can have different check-out dates to accommodate varying departure schedules.

Multisite Reservations 

  • Multisite reservations can be initiated online by guests or by your park through the Admin Site.

  • They are confirmed reservations comprising more than one site.

  • The reservation is confirmed under the booking person's name, and individual sites cannot be transferred to different guests.

  • All sites within the reservation are consolidated on one invoice and are paid collectively.

  • Individual sites cannot be removed from a multisite reservation once confirmed.

  • A multisite reservation cannot be converted into a group reservation.

  • Regardless of differing check-out dates, sites within a multisite reservation can only be checked out if the reservation balance is fully paid.