Grid Optimization: FAQ

Learn how to Campspot automatically Optimizes your Grid.


Campspot's Grid Optimization is a game-changer, effortlessly managing your Reservation Grid to maximize revenue potential. This feature, automatically active, strategically moves reservations to reduce gaps and enhance grid efficiency. With an average earning potential of $80 annually per site, Grid Optimization revolutionizes campground revenue streams.


Grid Optimization streamlines the reservation process by automatically moving reservations to minimize gaps on the grid. This not only increases revenue potential but also frees up valuable time for campground operators to focus on providing exceptional guest service.

Most Common FAQ:

Q: How does Grid Optimization work?

Grid Optimization moves reservations to new sites on your grid when the system finds a way to make less gaps. The optimization of your grid increases revenue potential.

Q: Are all reservations optimized all the time?

Campspot will only optimize sites up to 72 hours (3 days) of a reservation check in date.

Q: When does the system start optimizing?

If you or your guest are making a New Reservation, Campspot will "visually" move sites to show an opening that would fit the reservation. This optimization is completed when the site is added to the cart, if it is not added to the cart, nothing will have changed in the Grid. So optimization starts during the reservation process to fill gaps and continues until 3 days prior to arrival.

Q: What does Grid Optimization consider when moving my reservations around?

Site Type Reservations will only be moved to other sites within the same Site Type.
RV or Site Length

The system will not move a reservation from a site that has a shorter site length or shorter maximum RV length than the original site.

Grid optimization does not take the RV profile on the reservation into account , but it would not move a reservation to a site it couldn't fit on.

Site Amenities

Optimization takes into consideration the amenities that are listed for a specific site.

Example: If a reservation is on a site that has a fire pit, it would only continue to move the reservations to other sites with fire pits.

RV Slideouts Optimization will not move a reservation from a site that allows slide outs to a site that does not, regardless of RV profile.

Q: How do I know if a Reservation has been optimized?

Optimized reservations are recorded in the Reservation History section of the Reservation Summary, attributed to the System.

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Q: I am ready to increase my revenue. How do I setup Grid Optimization? 

Grid Optimization is automatically active in your system.

Please Note:

All Site Types and Add-on Types will be automatically set up to be optimized. Click here to learn how to exclude specific Site Types.

Q: What if I do not want to Optimize all of my Site Types? Can I select specific Site Types?

Optimization will automatically be working behind the scene to move sites in your Grid. If you would like to select sites not to optimize, there is a setting you can use in Campspot to create a rule to do this.

This rule can also be used to turn it off for the entire campground as well. This article will walk you through that process.