Reservation Grid

How To: Use Reservation Grid

Grid view displays past, present and future reservations set to a calendar with days across the top and sites on the left. The grid can be filtered in a number of ways.


The grid page within our admin interface boasts a suite of powerful functionalities designed to elevate your reservation management experience. From initiating new reservations seamlessly to customizing the display order of sites, this comprehensive overview provides insights into the diverse capabilities at your disposal.

Key Features:

  1. New Reservation Button
  2. Date Filters
  3. Site Filtering
  4. Site Order Customization
  5. Grid Blocks
  6. Reservation Status Indicators

New Reservation Button

Located in the top-right corner of the grid page, the New Reservation button initiates the reservation workflow for users of the Admin Site. Users in the Admin Site can seamlessly book reservations within the admin interface.

Dive into this tutorial for an in-depth guide on making reservations within the admin.

Date Filters

  • Calendar Icon: Situated at the top-left, the calendar icon opens a date picker, allowing you to change the grid's starting date.

  • Grid View Dropdown: Adjust the number of days in view by using the dropdown; for example, displaying 30 consecutive days starting from July 1, 2020.

  • Navigation: Easily navigate forward or backward using arrows to explore calendar dates beyond the current view.

The image below shows a selection that will display 30 consecutive days, starting from the date of July 1, 2020.


Site Filtering

On the left side of the grid, find a list of all active sites. Quickly locate specific sites by typing a number or keyword into the search box.


Site Order

Customize the order of site appearance on the grid with the option located at the bottom of the grid view. By default, sites are listed alphanumerically, grouped by site type.


Grid Blocks

There are five block types, each clickable for additional information:




Purple blocks indicate reservations with the holder's name. Candy-striped variety signals a locked site selection.

Pencil-In Holds

pencil-in-block Grey blocks represent pencil-in holds with the reservation holder's name. Lockable, candy-striped versions are possible.

Group Reservation Holds

group-reservation-block Blue blocks denote group reservation holds with the holder's name. Like pencil-in holds, these can be candy-striped when locked.

Admin Holds

Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 6.34.20 PM Pink candy-striped blocks are admin holds, featuring custom text indicating the hold's name.

In Cart Holds

in-cart-hold Black blocks with hold indications represent in-cart holds, preventing simultaneous bookings during checkout.

Reservation Status

Colored stripes at the top of reservation blocks signify three status types:

Checked-in checked-in Indicated by a green stripe.
No Show no-show Signaled by an orange stripe.
Checked-out checked-out Identified by a gray stripe.