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Campspot Fundamentals: Revenue Management

Take a look at some of the great features Campspot offers to maximize your parks revenue potential.


The world of camping is witnessing an exciting influx of newcomers, bidding farewell to traditional accommodations in favor of embracing the open road with their camping rigs. This surge in adventurous individuals marks a thrilling era for outdoor hospitality.

In this article, we aim to be your compass for unlocking your park's untapped revenue potential while exceeding your guests' expectations. We'll delve into the art of Revenue Management, exploring how Campspot's features can elevate your strategy.

Understanding Revenue Management

What is Revenue Management?

Revenue Management, also known as Revenue Strategy, is the art of optimizing earnings by:

Offering the right rate, to the right guest, at the right time, using the right distribution channel.

There is a good chance you are already following this practice without even realizing it!

Supercharge Your Revenue Strategy with Campspot's Cutting-Edge Features!

As you gear up to open your reservation calendar, Campspot unleashes a powerhouse of features to catapult your revenue strategy to new heights. From automated rules propelling you beyond rate management to crafting a holistic Revenue Strategy, your journey begins here.

This article is your compass, unveiling invaluable features and magnifying their impact. Now, the pivotal question awaits: Which of these game-changing features will you wield to unlock your park's untapped revenue potential? The power is in your hands!

Below, you'll find a list of the topics explored in this article. Feel free to click on any of them to skip ahead:

Already comfortable with these topics? Use this quick reference checklist to:

Prepare to open your calendar for Future Bookings


Your park knowledge is invaluable, yet to craft a winning strategy, embrace the power of data. Campspot provides downloadable reports, ready in PDF or CSV format for immediate use. These insights, strategically referenced throughout, can be challenging to weave into a narrative, but the rewards are immense.

Not an Excel expert? No problem! Check out Campspot Analytics in the next section for user-friendly guidance on turning data into strategy gold. Elevate your game with actionable insights—your roadmap to success!

Upgrade your Data: Campspot Analytics!

Campspot Analytics, our Business Intelligence powerhouse, is your shortcut to success. It empowers you to spot trends, fine-tune strategies, and explore your park's performance like never before. With Campspot Analytics, you save time, letting the platform effortlessly handle your park's data.

Ready to elevate your Revenue Strategy? Explore Campspot Analytics for insights that drive results.

Learn more about Campspot Analytics.

Campspot's Base Pricing

Setting rates is the bedrock of Revenue Strategy. Precisely determining charges for each Site type and timing is pivotal for maximizing park earnings.

Consider the price spread among Site Types in the same Category. Does the cost difference align with offered amenities? How should an 8-person lodge compare to a 4-person rustic camping cabin?

Should pricing fluctuate throughout the year? Can weekends and holidays be prime opportunities for elevated rates?

Your Base Pricing strategy is vital to realizing your vision and unlocking your park's full revenue potential. Aligning rates with strategy is the key to success.

Learn more about Setting Base Pricing.

Dynamic Pricing

Predicting what guests are willing to pay isn't as clear-cut as before—the crystal ball has lost its shine.

Imagine guests paying a premium during peak holidays or adjusting prices to fill last-minute vacancies. In a dynamic environment, rate management can be time-consuming, but fear not!

Dynamic Pricing is your secret weapon. Automatically enhance Base Pricing using triggers you define to increase pricing based on demand. Transform uncertainty into profit with this powerful feature.

Did you know: Parks using Dynamic Pricing have an annual higher average revenue of 191%.

Learn more about Dynamic Pricing.

Grid Optimization

No matter how many hours you spend playing Tetris, the booking grid never quite feels perfectly optimized.

How frequently do you find yourself navigating the Reservation Grid, shifting one reservation after another to fill gaps or make room for new bookings? What if the grid could handle this task automatically?

With Campspot's Grid Optimization tool, the grid becomes your ally, working tirelessly to maximize space utilization.

Just like Dynamic Pricing, you have the power to set the rule parameters, putting you in control of the optimization process.

Did you know: Parks utilizing Grid Optimization see a return of $80 per site annually.

Learn more about Grid Optimization.

Locked Site Fee

Many guests cherish specific sites year after year. Once locked, a site is off the optimization table. Capitalize on this demand by charging a premium—similar to seeking a room with a view in a hotel or securing seats together on a flight.

As you meticulously plan site groupings, a Locked Site fee offers a golden chance to charge a premium for these high-demand sites. Seize the opportunity to enhance revenue while catering to guest preferences.

Did you know: Parks implementing a Locked Site Fee see additional revenue of $100 per site annually.

Learn more about Locked Site Fees.

Minimum Length of Stay

Imagine accepting a 2-night stay in the heart of your peak season or providing flexibility for transient guests seeking a weekend escape during the shoulder season. Would you welcome a one-night stay?

Here's the secret: Minimum Length of Stay (MLOS) is a powerful and often overlooked rate fencing technique for managing your inventory effectively.

By implementing MLOS, you prioritize accepting the best 100 guests, not just the first 100.

Define your length of stay strategy based on specific performance triggers (booking window, occupancy levels, etc.) you define.

Learn more about Minimum Length of Stay.

Elevate your Strategy with Package / Discounted / Promo Code Pricing

Imagine having the power to tailor pricing for your guests based on their purchasing behavior. Now, picture taking it a step further by integrating this feature with your marketing efforts to drive business growth.

This versatile tool opens up a world of possibilities for boosting your business in various ways. Here are some of the most popular examples:

  • Boosting Length of Stay: Encourage guests to extend their stay during peak seasons.
  • Tackling Off-Season Lull: Attract guests during slow weekdays with enticing discounts.
  • Extending Holiday Stays: Incentivize longer stays around holidays without compromising weekend rates.
  • Exclusive Event Offer: Reward guests with a promo code for a special event booking.
  • Captivating Weekly Rates: Draw guests with weekly stays during peak times.
  • Extended Stays: Offer discounts for monthly, seasonal, and annual stays.

Learn more about how to use this rule to enhance your offerings here.