Fixed Rate Package Type: Using Rate Overrides

Learn how to use Rate Overrides to further enhance your Fixed Rate Package offering.


Explore the flexibility of Fixed Rate Packages with Rate Overrides, allowing precise adjustments to package pricing for specific date ranges. This feature streamlines rate changes for high or low seasons, special events, or any period requiring tailored pricing without the need for additional rule setups. Discover how Rate Overrides can efficiently manage rates, providing a dynamic solution for year-to-year pricing adjustments.


  • High Season Pricing: Increase package rates during peak periods to maximize revenue.
  • Low Season Incentives: Decrease rates during slower times to attract more guests.
  • Special Event Pricing: Customize rates for specific events or occasions.
  • Dynamic Adjustments: Effortlessly adjust package rates without creating new packages.

Rate Override

Elevate the versatility of Fixed Rate Packages by incorporating Rate Overrides to tailor package pricing to specific date ranges. This feature empowers you to strategically raise or lower rates, catering to high or low seasons, special events, or any instances where customized rate adjustments are deemed necessary for your park's success. Experience the flexibility of making precise pricing changes without the need for extensive rule modifications.

Setting Up Rate Overrides:

  1. Navigate to Rules from the main menu, then choose Pricing and select Package/Discounted/Promo Code Pricing.

  2. Click on the fixed-rate package you wish to edit to open the package details modal.

  3. Scroll down to the Rate Overrides section.

  4. Click + Add Another Rate Override.

  5. Specify the date range and enter the desired override rate.

    1. The rate should be structured similar to the Package Base Rate (i.e. if the Base Rate is a Monthly rate, the rate override should also be for a Month)
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

Tip: Once you have a view of your Package/ Discounted/ Promo Code Pricing list, you can quickly identify which packages are Fixed Rate by looking for the word 'Fixed' in the Package Type column. 

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Most Common FAQ:

Q: When should I use Rate Overrides?

Rate Overrides are beneficial when you need to make specific pricing adjustments for defined date ranges, such as high or low seasons, special events, or dynamic yearly changes.

Q: Can I add multiple Rate Overrides for different date ranges?

Certainly. You can add multiple Rate Overrides, each with its own date range and corresponding rate, providing comprehensive control over pricing adjustments.