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Financial Accounts: Import Campspot IIF Report into Quickbooks Desktop

Learn more about importing Campspot's Journal Entry report into Quickbooks Desktop


Discover the essential prerequisites and steps for seamlessly importing Campspot reports into QuickBooks Desktop. Ensure smooth data integration and accurate financial reporting with these guidelines.

QuickBooks Desktop: Import Campspot IIF Report

Learn how to seamlessly import financial data from Campspot reports into Quickbooks Desktop. In this guide, you'll discover:

Prerequisites for Importing

Before attempting an import from a report in Campspot, below are the requirements you have to complete before attempting an import into QB:

  1. Account Configuration: QuickBooks account setup cannot utilize sub-accounts, as Campspot's financial accounting setup does not include sub-accounts.
  2. Financial Account Alignment: All Financial Account numbers in Campspot must align with corresponding accounts in QuickBooks.

Note: If you encounter activity attributed to a Financial Account in Campspot that does not exist in QuickBooks, you have two options:

  1. Update your Campspot Financial Account mapping to direct the activity to an existing account in QuickBooks.
  2. Create a new account in QuickBooks to match the account reported in Campspot.

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Accrual Basis Accounting

For accrual-based accounting methods, ensure the following QuickBooks account configurations:


Prepaid Deposits Set up as an "Other Current Liability" account type in QuickBooks.
Deferred Revenue Set up as an "Other Current Liability" account type in QuickBooks.
Accounts Receivable Configure as an "Other Current Asset" account type in QuickBooks.


How to Import

Below are steps provided by the QB Intuit Support site. These are not directions created by Campspot and are subject to change.

  1. Open your QuickBooks database and select from the menu: File -> Utilities -> Import. An Import file dialog box will open.

  2. Select the file saved from Campspot

  3. Click Open.

Note: The data will be imported as soon as you click Open without a preview. Take care to double check which file you have selected.

Review Import

To review the imported  journal entry, go to Reports -> Accountant & Taxes -> Journal, or select the Accounts Receivable account from Lists -> Chart of Accounts.

Campspot Reports for Quickbooks

Reports in Campspot:

Note: If you are unable to open the downloaded Journal Entry file, you may need to select which application on your computer to "Open With" - in this case, you want to open and save it in Excel.

Additional Support

For more information on how to use this QB feature, click Quickbooks Intuit Support Site.