Events: What's on the page?

Explore the dynamic features and endless possibilities of Campspot's Events feature, igniting excitement and engagement among your guests.


Campspot's Events feature empowers campground owners to showcase upcoming events, enriching the guest experience and driving excitement. This article guides users through accessing and utilizing the Events Showcase, ensuring guests stay informed and inspired.


  • Inform and Inspire: Highlight upcoming events with vivid descriptions and professional photography to captivate guests and ignite their anticipation.
  • Promotional Power: Incorporate promo codes to offer exclusive savings, driving bookings and enhancing the guest experience.
  • Effortless Management: Streamline event management with Campspot's intuitive tools, allowing easy control over event dates, publication, and expiration.
  • Off-Season Boost: Utilize events to drive business during slower months, enticing guests with special promotions and turning quiet periods into bustling opportunities.

Events Page

Unleash Your Park's Potential with Campspot's Events Feature

Elevate your campground experience by highlighting the exciting events planned at your park. Campspot's Events feature provides a platform to inform and inspire your guests about upcoming events, complete with dates and details.

Accessing Your Event Showcase:

Empower your park's event promotion with these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to Consumer Site Admin.
  2. Click on the Events tab.

On this page you can manage your events and automatically showcase them to your guests.

Where Your Events Shine

Your park's active events take center stage on both your Consumer Site and Marketplace booking pages, captivating guests and igniting their anticipation for the fun ahead. (see the example below)

Events Page - Consumer Site

Best Practice Tips

Tip 1: Guest-Facing Name & Descriptions

Craft event names and descriptions that vividly capture the essence of your event, enticing guests to learn more and plan their visit.

Tip 2: Professional Photography

Enhance event listings with high-quality photography that immerses guests in the experience, sparking excitement and anticipation.

Tip 3: Include Promo Codes

Offer special pricing with promo codes tailored to an event, enticing guests with exclusive savings and irresistible deals.

Tip 4: Call to Action

Drive urgency and action by incorporating compelling calls to action in your event descriptions, motivating guests to plan their visit and book their stay.

Tip 5: Event Management

Let Campspot keep your event list current. Utilize this tool to effortlessly set start and end dates, control publication and expiration dates, and keep your event list current with ease.

Tip 6: Bulk Up Off-Season Events

Maximize revenue during slower months by leveraging the Events Showcase feature to host special events. Use enticing promo codes to attract guests during off-peak times, turning quieter periods into bustling opportunities for adventure and fun.

Get Started with Setting Up Events Today!

Check out this article for instructions on how to manage your event listings: