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Consumer Site Admin: What's on the page?

This section provides options for customization of the consumer booking site including managing analytics.


The Consumer Site Admin page offers tools for customizing and optimizing your campground's online presence. From branding options to analytics integration, social media setup, membership linking, and event management, explore these features to enhance guest experience and drive engagement.

Consumer Site Admin

Welcome to the Consumer Site Admin page, your central hub for enhancing and personalizing the digital experience for your campground visitors. This page empowers you to tailor your park's online presence, engage with guests, and optimize marketing efforts. Dive into the features below to discover how you can elevate your campground's brand and connect with your audience effectively.

  1. Branding
  2. Analytics
  3. Social Media
  4. Membership
  5. Events


Customize your consumer site by adding your park's logo, elevating your online presence and enhancing guest experience.


  1. Enhance guest experience by adding a personal touch to your consumer site.
  2. Strengthen your park's brand identity and recognition among visitors.

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Campspot's Analytics page allows you to optimize insights and advertising efficiency by connecting your campground to various tracking and reporting systems, including Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, AdWords, and Tag Manager.


  1. Empower your campground's marketing strategy by seamlessly integrating tracking and reporting systems.
  2. Enhance advertising efforts by tracking conversion rates and visitor data.

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Social Media

Campspot's Social Media setup page in the Consumer Site Admin section allows you to elevate your campground's online presence by seamlessly integrating custom social media links into your consumer site. Connect with your audience across popular platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook/Meta, and Pinterest, providing guests easy access to explore more about your park.


  1. Enhance your campground's digital footprint and engage with your audience on various social media platforms.
  2. Provide guests with easy access to explore and connect with your campground across multiple channels.

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This feature enables Camp Jellystone users to link their membership account to the Admin Site.


Campspot's Consumer Site Admin Events feature empowers campground administrators to efficiently manage events listed on the park's Consumer Site. From adding new events to updating existing ones and deleting outdated ones, this tool facilitates strategic event planning and engagement with guests.


  1. Promote Special Events: Showcase themed weekends, holiday celebrations, and local festivities to attract guests and generate excitement.
  2. Drive Engagement: Keep guests informed and engaged by publishing event details, dates, and enticing descriptions directly on your park's Consumer Site.
  3. Enhance Planning: Maintain a comprehensive event history for future reference, facilitating strategic planning and ensuring seamless event management.

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