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Consumer Site Admin

This section provides options for customization of the consumer booking site including managing analytics.


The branding tab includes a Park Logo upload tool. The park logo is displayed in the top left corner of the consumer site above the green name badge.

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 10.31.46 AM

Park Logo Recommendations

The park logo file must be a .png or .jpg and should be on a white background. The recommended dimensions are 360px (width) x 240px (height). Do not use photographic images as the details of the photograph will be lost at thumbnail size.


The analytics sub-section is used to place tracking pixels on the checkout pages of the consumer site. 

Social Media

The social media sub-section is used to link park social media accounts on the consumer site.


The membership sub-section is used to link a third-party membership program to the checkout page.


The events sub-section is used to add park events to the homepage of the consumer site.