Understanding Dashboards

Campspot Analytics Dashboard - RV Arrivals, Departures, and Storage

Learn How to Seamlessly Coordinate RV Transitions: Campspot Analytics Revolutionizes Storage to Occupied Reservations for Effortless Park Management.


Campspot Analytics introduces a powerful tool for seamless coordination between RV storage and occupied reservations at your park.

Use Case:

The Front Desk faces the challenge of managing RV transitions from storage to occupied status. This report streamlines the process, providing a daily or scheduled overview. Easily accessible via email or print, it ensures that everyone involved stays informed.


  • Efficient coordination of RV movements between storage and occupied status.
  • Simplified communication between teams involved in the process.
  • Daily or scheduled reports for proactive planning.

Problem Solved:

This report resolves the challenge of associating storage reservations with site reservations, especially for long-term stays. No more manual tracking or relying on multiple reports—Campspot Analytics has you covered.

Reservation Instructions:

This report is generated by analyzing and matching up two reservations for the same guest profile ID: Occupied Reservation and Storage Reservation. To ensure this report accurately shows these reservations, you will need to:

  • Ensure that the reservation for the stay and the storage reservation use the same guest profile.
    • If the reservations are not listed under the same guest profile, click here to learn how to transfer reservations between guests.
  • Set up storage sites under the "Other" site type category.

Help! How do I set up Site Types?

Click here to learn more about Unit Setup in Campspot.

How to Access Report:

You can view the report by clicking here or:

  1. Log in to Campspot Analytics.
  2. Navigate to the Shared folder.
  3. Click on the Reporting folder.

Below is an example of the report:

Storage and Reservation CA Report