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Campspot Analytics: Customer Reviews and Ratings FAQ

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Campspot's Marketplace Customer Reviews and Ratings feature.


Explore the essential details about Campspot's Marketplace Customer Review and Ratings feature with this FAQ guide. From understanding rating categories to the impact of reviews on your Camper Satisfaction Score, this document covers key queries. Learn about response times, moderation processes, and how to leverage Campspot Analytics for insightful reviews.

Most Frequent Questions and Answers

Q: What are the rating categories on the Guest Review form?

There are 9 rating categories in the survey. Guests rate each on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, with 1 being "Poor" and 5 being "Great."

The required category is "Camper Satisfaction Rating," where guests rate their overall stay.

The other eight categories have an "N/A" option for non-applicable cases. Guests can choose not to rate these categories:

  1. Site
  2. Campground Location
  3. Restroom/Showers
  4. Campground Amenities (e.g., pool, store)
  5. Staff
  6. Cellular Reception
  7. Wi-Fi
  8. Value

Q: If a review question does not match my property offerings, how will that impact my overall Camper Satisfaction Score?

We calculate individual category averages using only numeric values. "N/A" or blank responses don't affect the average. For instance, with 10 survey responses, if 7 guests gave a numeric Site rating, 2 selected “N/A,” and 1 left it blank, the average Site rating is based on the 7 numeric ratings.

The Camper Satisfaction Rating is solely based on the Satisfaction category, not considering other categories. For instance, issues like no WiFi or poor cell reception won't impact your Camper Satisfaction Rating.

Q: How soon after a guest has submitted a review will it be available in Campspot Analytics?

Reviews will be available for your review on Campspot Analytics 24 hours after submission.

Q: Can a guest delete their review after it has been submitted?

Your guests have 24 hours after submission to edit or delete their review.

Q: Is there a lead time between when the review is available for my review and when it is posted to my Mobile Marketplace Listing?

After the review is available in Campspot Analytics, you will have a period of 48 hours before the review is then posted to the Mobile Marketplace.

Q: If I do not have a chance to respond to a review within the response window, can I respond at a later date?

You can submit a response to a review any time. The 48 hour response time just gives you the chance to respond before the review is viewable on your Marketplace listing.

Q: When I submit my Park Response, how soon will it be reflected on the Mobile Marketplace Customer Review?

Once the Park Response form is submitted, the response will be posted to the Customer Review within 48 hours of submission.

Q: What is Campspot's Moderation Process to ensure my park's reviews are authentic and valuable?

For any review that is flagged during the Campspot Automated Moderation process will require additional moderation conducted by Campspot. Click here to view more information.

Q: What will the guest reviews look like on my Marketplace listing?

Below is an example of fake reviews:

Guest Review Example

Q: Do I have the option to edit the survey questions?

At this time, the survey is not customizable.

Q: Do I have the option to opt out of sending the review requests to my guests who book through Marketplace?

There is currently no opt out option for this feature.

The value of Campspot's Marketplace Guest Reviews and Ratings is to offer reviews from your guests that are verified and moderated to ensure the reviews reflect your guests experiences at your park while empowering you to respond in kind. Customers rely on reviews and ratings to compare and inform their vacation plans.

Q: Will my Marketplace Listing Reviews be viewable on Google reviews or TripAdvisor?

Your park's Marketplace Reviews will only be viewable on Marketplace.

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