Understanding Dashboards

Campspot Analytics Dashboard - Reservation Trends

Enhance your park's business strategy by learning more about the Reservation Stay Trends and Reservation Booking Trends Dashboards.


Campspot introduces two insightful reports, Reservation Stay Trends and Reservation Booking Trends, designed to empower campground owners with comprehensive data on reservation performance. These reports offer a detailed breakdown of reservation trends, helping you make informed decisions for optimizing your park's performance.

Use Case:

  • Valuable tool for campground owners
  • Enhances understanding of reservation dynamics
  • Analyze booking trends
  • Optimize campsite utilization
  • Refine marketing strategies
  • Insights for strategic planning


  1. Gain insights into multiple reservation trends, covering campsites and add-ons.
  2. Understand the impact of dynamic pricing on recent reservations.
  3. Visualize the monetary value of the Optimization Grid.
  4. Receive valuable insights on ancillary spend, including Lock Site, POS, and Online Store Add-ons.
  5. Streamline campground management by understanding reservation dynamics and planning strategies based on trends.

Problems Solved:

Reservation Stay Trends and Reservation Booking Trends address the challenges faced by campground managers, offering solutions such as:

  1. Identifying underperforming site types.
  2. Analyzing the value of promo codes and current dynamic pricing rules.
  3. Planning strategies based on booking window, length of stay, and reservation source.

How to Access Reports:

You can view the report by clicking here (Reservation Stay Trends or Reservation Booking Trends) or following the directions below:

  1. Log in to Campspot Analytics.
  2. Navigate to the Shared folder.

Report Instructions:

  1. Select your park and booking date filters.
  2. Customize your Seasonal/Transient cut-off days (Campspot defaults to 28 days).
  3. Tailor your view by selecting the desired categories in the dashboard, excluding the Other Campsite Category by default.
  4. Utilize the detailed breakdowns for Campsite and Add-on reservations, covering various parameters such as Site Category, Site Type, Reservation Source, Promo Code, Group Reservation, Booking Window, Length of Stay, and Seasonality.