Understanding Dashboards

Campspot Analytics Dashboard - Guest Driving Distance

Learn more about your guests driving distance by using this Campspot Analytics tool.

Great hospitality begins and ends with knowing the guest. The most basic and insightful guest characteristic might be where they come from. Are they escaping the city or suburbs? Have they traveled a great distance? What type of equipment do they have? 

Knowing the answers to these questions can validate many of the decisions a Park Operator makes on a regular basis to serve guests well and run a successful business.

The Guest Driving Distance dashboard in Campspot Analytics puts these insights at your fingertips so you're not guessing the next time you need this information. The Reservations Booked by Guest Location heat map highlights your market hot spots.

CA - GDD - 1

Are your guests predominately city folk, suburbanites or rural? Do any markets emerge as stronger hot spots when filtered by campsite category? As you experiment with the filters images of real guests should emerge as you start to connect their commonalities.

CA - GDD - 2

Average Driving Distance by Site Category illuminates differences in travel distance by campsite category. You may find that not all categories are equal and that lodging and tent guests tend to travel shorter distances. Why might that be? Are you marketing the right accommodations to the right guest?

CA - GDD - 3

Get more granular with Reservation Insights by Driving Distance. Identify your primary driving distance buckets and see how this group stacks up against the others in terms of revenue, ADR, booking window and length of stay. Where and when will you seek new guests for that row of premium full hook up sites you plan to upgrade next season?


CA - GDD - 4


Average Driving Distance by Equipment Type tells you how far your guests travel with specific equipment. Equipped with this information you can tailor things like marketing images and messages to reflect the actual equipment of prospective guests.

CA - GDD - 5

Note about Undefined Driving Distances

Undefined driving distances can occur when driving directions cannot be calculated from a given location or have not been calculated yet. A driving distance may not be calculated for every reservation and historical data is only available from January 1, 2023. If you’re interested in purchasing additional historical data please inquire at explorer@campspot.com