Campspot Accelerator

Campspot Accelerator FAQ

With Campspot Accelerator, campgrounds located in the United States can now add an additional revenue stream through seamlessly integrated offers and advertisements from premier partners across the outdoor industry.


Campspot Accelerator revolutionizes campground revenue generation by strategically integrating third-party advertisements and exclusive partner offerings into campground consumer booking sites. This innovative feature not only enhances the customer experience but also automatically credits participating campgrounds with a share of the revenue on a quarterly basis. With trusted partners like:

Campspot Accelerator brings valuable options, such as a unique Weather Guarantee, directly to customers during the booking process.


  • Incremental Revenue: Campgrounds effortlessly boost their revenue by participating in Campspot Accelerator, with quarterly invoice credits.
  • Enhanced Customer Confidence: The integration of insurance-like products, including the Weather Guarantee, increases customer confidence and encourages online bookings.
  • Seamless Integration: High-value offers are seamlessly incorporated into the booking experience, providing guests with additional options to enrich their camping adventure.
  • Trusted Partnerships: Collaborations with industry-leading brands like RVshare and Sensible Weather ensure that advertising is relevant, non-intrusive, and adds value to the customer journey.
  • Effortless Setup: Campgrounds can easily sign up and agree to terms, requiring no additional effort to start receiving quarterly revenue share credits.

Please Note: Campspot Accelerator is currently only available to parks that meet the following criteria: 

  • Located in the United States 
  • Use Clover Connect as their Campspot payment processor

Campspot Accelerator: Maximizing Value for Campgrounds and Guests

Campspot Accelerator originated with the goal of enhancing campground revenue and delivering increased value to customers. Through strategic 3rd party advertising placements and partnerships with trusted brands, we bring targeted content to campground consumer booking sites. A share of the generated revenue is effortlessly returned to participating campgrounds via quarterly Campspot invoice credits.

From seamlessly integrated trip insurance products to exclusive offers from reputable outdoor brands, all advertising on Campspot is intentionally curated to provide maximum value for the consumer while optimizing opportunities for both the campground and the advertiser.

Campspot Accelerator: Advertising Partners 

We'll feature ads from leading brand RVshare on campgrounds' booking sites, and we've partnered with Sensible Weather for customers to purchase a Weather Guarantee at checkout, akin to adding travel insurance when booking a flight. We'll consistently test and optimize our partnerships and ad display methods to ensure minimal impact on booking conversion rates.

Sensible Weather: Weather Guarantee

Sensible Weather is a climate technology and insurance company focused on helping consumers de-risk the potential for bad weather. Sensible Weather offers a product called a Weather Guarantee.  Like an insurance policy for rain, a guest who purchases a Weather Guarantee will be eligible for reimbursement from Sensible Weather for the daily cost of their campground reservation if it rains during their trip. 

The images below show an example of what the Sensible Weather purchasing option on the checkout page will look like: 

Sensible Weather Confirmation Example

RVshare: RV Rental Opportunities

RVshare, a prominent RV rental platform, partners with Campspot to display ads on consumer booking sites. Guests can seamlessly explore and rent RVs through ads strategically placed on the booking site.

The images below show an example of what the placed ads for RVshare will look like on consumer booking sites: 

Accelerator Consumer home page RV share banner


Frequently Asked Questions:

The FAQ below is conveniently organized by:

Campspot Accelerator Overview

Q: How is Campspot Accelerator valuable to my Campground? 

  • Easily sign up to receive incremental revenue.
  • Effortlessly receive quarterly revenue share via Campspot invoice credit.
  • Increase online conversion with insurance-like products, including a Weather Guarantee.

Q: How is Campspot Accelerator valuable to guests? 

  • High-value offers seamlessly integrated into the booking experience.
  • Guests can protect and enhance their camping adventure with unique product offerings.
  • Add value to their trip investment.

Participation and Commission

Q: How do I sign up to receive my Accelerator commission credits? 

Fill out the signup link and agree to terms and conditions here.

Q: Is there a cost to my campground for Campspot Accelerator? 

No cost; campgrounds receive a Campspot invoice credit for revenue generated.

Q: What is the amount of commission that my park will earn?

Your campground earns a 50% commission from the total received by Campspot from Accelerator placement advertisers. This 50/50 split is returned to participating campgrounds quarterly as a credit on their Campspot invoice.

The revenue share enables Campspot to invest in ongoing program optimization, including enhancements like allowing campers to add insurance during checkout and negotiating improved deals with advertising partners.

Q: When and how do I receive my share of Accelerator revenue? 

Quarterly credit to the Campspot invoice for revenue earned.

Advertising and Brands

Q: What types of brands will be allowed to advertise through the Campspot Accelerator program?

Campspot is dedicated to collaborating exclusively with brands relevant to the camping audience. Moreover, we ensure not to display advertising from brands that could directly compete with campgrounds, such as other campgrounds or alternative lodging options.

Q: Will I get to choose which brands are displayed or where Accelerator placements are located?

Participation in the Campspot Accelerator program entails showcasing the complete set of advertisement placements. Campgrounds won't have the option to select specific brands or determine the placement locations.

Campspot strives to integrate advertisement placements at scale and leverage this scale in negotiations with partners, maximizing the potential of the Accelerator program for all Campspot customers.

Q: Are the advertisements pop-ups or placed advertisements? 

All advertisements are placed and are not pop-ups.

Customer Support and Opt-Out

Q: How can we answer customer questions about their Sensible Weather or RVshare purchases? 

If you or your guests have a question about a purchase:

Sensible Weather: Weather Guarantee:



phone: +1 (424) 367 1964

You can also visit their website directly here for further information.

RV Share:

If your customers rent through RVshare and have questions about their rental, they should direct those to the RVshare team. Their contact information can be found here

Q: How can I opt out of Campspot Accelerator? 

If you prefer not have your campground participate in Campspot Accelerator, you can fill out our opt-out form here. After the form submission please allow 1-2 weeks for Campspot Accelerator to be disabled.