General tab: What's on the page?

Customize your campground's operations and enhance guest experiences with the features available on the General section of the Campground Setup page.


The General section of the Campground Setup page allows campground operators to manage essential park details and communication preferences. From defining park information to configuring contact preferences and system settings, this section serves as a central hub for customizing the campground's operational parameters.

Properties General tab

The General section includes fields for park contact information like the park legal name, address, phone number and email. This information is displayed on the consumer site and reservation confirmation.

This page, found by navigating to Campground Setup and clicking on the Properties tab, is where you can:

Park Basic Information

Manage essential park details and communication preferences. Here, you can update your park's legal name, address, and contact information. These details are visible on the consumer site and reservation confirmations.

Contact Preferences

Define how guests contact your park and manage system-generated messages here.

Phone Number Provide the best contact number for guests to reach your park with post-reservation inquiries.
Reply-to Email Guests can respond directly to system-generated emails using this designated email address.
BCC Email Forward all guest-facing system emails to a verified email address.
OTA Email  
Email Display Name Customize guest-facing emails by adding your park's name for a personalized touch.

Please Note:

Email addresses added here require verification to receive system emails from Campspot.

Age Categories

Age categories allow guests to specify the number of occupants for a reservation. While up to four categories can be configured, only Adults and Children are used on the Campspot marketplace.

Please Note:

Contact Campspot Support to update age category definitions.

Default Time Periods / Group Minimum Requirements

Campspot's system offers various features designed to automate processes and enhance functionality. Configure default time periods and group reservation settings to automate processes:

Default Time Periods:

  1. Default Pencil-In Expiration Period: Set the default number of hours before a pencil-in hold expires.
  2. Re-Rate Reservations Shorter Than: This setting determines the minimum length of stay for future reservations that will trigger re-rating when using the Re-rate Future Reservations button.

Group Reservation Settings:

  1. Group Reservation Minimum Campsites Requirement: The number of sites that must be added to a reservation before the Group Reservation Hold option becomes available.
  2. Group Reservation Minimum Campsites No Locking Fee: The minimum number of sites needed in a reservation to waive the lock site fee for Group Reservation Holds.

Order Details

Control guest visibility of site numbers on the order details page with this option.

Enabling this option hides unlocked site numbers on the order details page. When activated, guests will not see their site number at any stage of their reservation if it's unlocked. Admin users must share the site number with guests if needed.

Guest Self Service Features

Explore Campspot's suite of self-service features designed to empower guests and streamline operations for your staff. These features include:

  1. Online Check-In
  2. Utilizing Electronic Signatures
  3. Online Cancellation
  4. Online Reservation Changes

Learn more! Check out this article to learn more about these features: