General tab

The General section includes fields for park contact information like the park legal name, address, phone number and email. This information is displayed on the consumer site and reservation confirmation.


The Reply-to Email must be filled out and verified. If this email is not verified, guest reply's to any system email could go unanswered. 

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The BCC Email is optional. This option forwards all system emails to the verified email address.

The Email Display Name should reflect the common name of the park so system emails are easily recognized by recipients.

Age Categories

There are a max of four age categories that can be configured for reservation occupants. Age categories are the options available to the guest when communicating the number of occupants for a reservation. It is important that these are configured at the beginning of the setup phase and not changed thereafter. Changes made to the age categories in a live system will result in inaccurate occupant counts and impact the calculation occupancy surcharges.



While there are four options that can be configured for use in Campspot, only Adults and Children are used on the Campspot marketplace.

Default Time Periods

There are four default time periods that are configurable here.

  • Default Pencil-In Expiration Period: This value represents the default number of hours before a pencil-in hold will expire, if the expiration period is not customized.
  • Re-Rate Reservations Shorter Than: This value represents the length of stay future reservations must be shorter than in order to be re-rated via the Re-rate Future Reservations button.
  • Group Reservation Minimum Campsites Requirement: This value represents the number of sites that must be added to a reservation before the Group Reservation Hold option is available.
  • Group Reservation Minimum Campsites No Locking Fee: This value represents the number of sites that must be added to a reservation before the lock site fee is waived for Group Reservation Holds.

Order Details

This option hides unlocked site number on the order details page. When turned on, the guest never sees their site number at any stage of their reservation if unlocked. Their site number would have to be shared with them by an admin user.

Guest Self Service Features

Campspot offers a suite of features to allow your Guests' to Self Serve their requests freeing you and your staff up to focus on other guest experiences. Check out those features below:

Online Express Check-In

This option allows guests to check themselves in online 24 hours before they arrive. Learn more about Express Check-In.

Electronic Signatures

This option allows online acceptance and tracking of your guest's Terms & Conditions.

Online Cancelation

Enable guests to cancel their reservation online. Learn more about Online Cancellation.

Online Reservation Changes

Enable your guests to change their stay dates online. Learn more about Online Reservation Changes.