Integration FAQ

Inventory in your Lodging Site Types can now be listed on and managed in Campspot through our integration.

With the integration, campground owners can reach a bigger bucket of campers who want the ease and convenience of searching for campgrounds wherever they are most apt to discover and book.

Below, review the Frequently Asked Questions related to the Integration. 


How do I turn on the Integration?

To get started with this integration you must have completed setup with After completing your setup, you should fill out Campspot's sign up form. 

For full setup steps [READ HERE].

Are there any costs to use this integration?

The cost to get started with the integration is $200 (per integration per park) to be paid to Campspot. In addition to the startup cost, there are fees charged by both Campspot and for each Site booked through the integration. 

The cost from Campspot is $3 per site booked in addition to the existing $3 per site booked for online bookings. That per site booking cost would be added on to your normal monthly invoice. 

The cost per reservation from will be communicated to you directly by during the initial setup period. charges monthly based on reservations stayed and Campspot charges monthly based on reservations booked

Can I list all of my sites on

No, only sites that are Lodging Site Types can be listed on 

How will the price of the same listing on Campspot and differ?

Through the integration, Campspot is able to communicate your Site Type nightly Base Pricing. Taxes are automatically added during the setup process and the tax rate is based on your park's location. If you wish to make any changes to the automatic tax rate setup by, you will find instructions on how to do so in the step-by-step setup instructions provided.

Any additional fees or surcharges will need to be added by your park through the Extranet.

Will the integration automatically setup my Site Types on

No, Site Types must be configured and setup by your park during the setup process and can be edited through the Extranet. All details for Site Types should match in and in Campspot. After your sites have been set up in the Extranet, you will need to provide Campspot with some information from To learn more about required setup steps [READ HERE].

Tip: If Sites within your Site Types have varying amenities, it is recommended that you do not include those amenities in the setup. There is not a way to specify which Sites have certain amenities and which Sites do not. 

Will all of the rules setup for my Site Types in Campspot automatically transfer over to

No, only the following rules are transferred through the integration to

  • Occupancy rules 
  • Minimum and maximum stay lengths
  • Booking in advance limit rules 
  • Resort closed rules 

How can I see what Site Types have been made available on

To see what Site Types you have setup on you can view those through the Extranet. 

Note: If you need to change which Site Types you have listed on (for example adding or removing a Site Type), you can make those changes in the Extranet and changes must also be made in Campspot. In this case, after you have made the updates on the Extranet, please reach out to the Campspot team for assistance with making the necessary backend changes on Campspot. Changes cannot be made by your park through the Campspot Admin page. 

How will I know when a new reservation is made through

New bookings will show in Campspot as normal and if the reservation was made through that will show under the Third-party Booking Details section on the Reservation Summary page.

An email will be send to your "Reply To" email address as notification of a new booking.

New bookings can also be viewed by logging into's Extranet and viewing all new reservations, reservation edits and cancellations there. 

You can also schedule the Online Travel Agency Reservations report to be sent to your park at the frequency that you'd like. This report will show all new bookings. 

Once a booking is made by a guest do I need to do anything else?

Once you are aware of a new booking, you will need to login to the Extranet to retrieve the guest's Credit Card information and the reservation number. You will then need to locate the booking in Campspot by searching the confirmation number. Next, you should process a payment in Campspot on the guest's credit card. Reservations made through are confirmed in Campspot with no payment until you manually process payments.

The images below show a reservation made through prior to the Payment being added in Campspot.

Image 1) shows the Reservation Summary page 

Image 2) shows the Reservation Summary Billing page with no Payments or Invoice History

1)Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 16.21.05-1

2)Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 16.21.18

How soon after the reservation is made do I need to process the payment in Campspot?

The guest's credit card details can only be viewed in the Extranet within 10 days of the booking being made. The payment must be processed by your park within those 10 days. The credit card details can only be viewed by your park three times and the cvv number can only be viewed once. 

Tip: You can pre-authorize the guest's card when you receive the credit card details and we recommend that you set this information in the policy section in the Extranet. Learn more about pre-authorizing credit cards in the Extranet here.

Do I need to have a specific Payment Method active in Campspot to process payments for reservations made through the integration?

In order to process payments for reservations, you must have the Credit Card Payment Method activated as these reservations can only be paid by Credit Card. You must also have the the Transfer External Payment Method activated when you start using the integration. The Campspot team will assist with some initial setup steps and will also check that both Payment Methods are active.  

What does a guest see and what communication do they receive when they reserve through

Guests will see your park's page in the booking process. After they book the reservation, they will receive a confirmation email from When you process their payment in Campspot, they will receive a confirmation email from your park through Campspot

Are the guests' sites locked when they book through

No, guests are not able to lock their sites upon booking and the integration will not automatically lock sites. Because sites are not able to be locked, any lock site fees you have set up in Campspot are not transferred over through the integration and you also cannot set those up through the Extranet. 

How do reservation edits work?

Guests are able to edit or request edits to their own reservations through their account. Guests are only able to make edits themselves if the cancellation policy in allows for edits or cancellations in the time frame that the customer wants to make the change. For any edits outside of that, guests are able to make edit requests. Please Note: When reservation edits or requests are made, your park is not notified so it is recommended that you login to the Extranet regularly to check for these. 

Reservation date edits made through the Extranet are treated like Cancellations and the original reservation will be cancelled in both and Campspot.

The reservation will then be automatically rebooked for the new reservation dates. When a reservation is cancelled and rebooked the funds from the original reservation payment will need to be moved to the new booking. This can be done by moving the funds from either User or Camp Credit use them to pay for the new reservation under new dates.

If a guest contacts you directly requesting a reservation edit, you will be required to make the edits yourself in Campspot and also through the Extranet. You can make reservation edits in the Extranet by clicking into the reservation and then clicking the Change reservation dates & prices button. 

How do cancellations work?

Cancellation policies must be set in as those setup in Campspot are not passed through the integration. All cancellation policies in are pre-set there so you should pick the ones that fit closest with the cancellation policies your park uses.

Guests are able to cancel their reservations directly through Reservations cancelled by guests through will automatically be cancelled in Campspot as well. Your park will need to process any refund owed back to the guest through Campspot. 

Guests can also request to cancel their reservation by contacting your park directly. When a guest requests to cancel this way, you will need to cancel the reservation in the Extranet as well as Campspot. You can find more information about cancellations here.

Note: Cancellations made through will not show up on the Cancellations Report in Campspot. These reservations will still show on the Online Travel Agency (OTA) Reservations report. 

How do no-shows work?

If a guest doesn’t show up for their booking, you will need to mark the booking as a no-show in both the Extranet and Campspot

If a reservation no-shows and you choose to waive the fee, it's important to mark the reservation as a no-show in the Extranet. Reporting no-shows and waiving a fee prevents you from being charged commission by You can find more information about handling no-shows here

What happens if a double booking occurs?

If double bookings occur your park will be responsible for resolving these bookings with the guests by contacting the guests and moving one of the reservations to a new site or new dates. You can view a list of double bookings by viewing the Online Travel Agency (OTA) Double Bookings report in the Reporting section of Campspot. 

How will bookings made through the integration look different in Campspot Reports?

Four new Reports have been added in the Reporting section of Campspot. The new Reports are shown in the image below. All other existing Reports remain unchanged and will provide the same information that is currently reported. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 15.40.22