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Booking.com Integration: Setup Guide

Elevate Your Property's Lodging Site Type Reach and Reservation Efficiency with Booking.com Integration


This guide outlines the essential steps to seamlessly integrate Booking.com with Campspot, enhancing your property's online visibility and Lodging Site Type reservation process. Follow these steps diligently to optimize your integration experience.


  • Improve online visibility and reach a broader audience.
  • Streamline the reservation process for Lodging Site Types on Booking.com through Campspot.
  • Enhance the efficiency of managing reservations from different channels.

Integration Instructions:

1. Sign Up with Booking.com

  • Follow this link to sign up and list your property directly with Booking.com.
  • Carefully follow the step-by-step instructions here to build and list your property.

It is important that you visit that specific link to get started as the general sign up link with Booking.com will not apply for this integration.

Note: If your property is already listed on Booking.com, log in to the Booking.com Extranet and navigate to "How To Connect To A Channel Manager" for further instructions.

2. Retrieve Property Details:

  • After completing Booking.com requirements, access your Property ID, Room ID(s), and Rate Plan ID(s) within the Booking.com Extranet.
  • Each Site Type set up separately in Booking.com should have its own Room ID, necessary for the Campspot sign-up form.

3. Set Occupancy Min / Max Age Groups Rule:

  • Ensure that Lodging Site Types on Booking.com have their own Occupancy Min/Max Age Groups Rule in your Admin Site.
  • Site Types using the integration cannot share the same rule with non-integrated parks. Multiple Lodging Site Types using the integration can share a rule.

To learn about creating Occupancy Rules visit this page on our support site. 

4. Complete Campspot's Integration Form:

  • Fill out Campspot's Booking.com Integration sign-up form here.
  • Provide essential details, including Property ID, Room ID(s), and Rate Plan ID(s).
  • Review and comply with legal terms and instructions for the $200 per park setup fee.

5. Activation and Reservation Start:

  • After form completion, the Campspot team will activate the integration within a few weeks (specific activation time to be determined).
  • Upon activation, start accepting new reservations made through Booking.com.

Contact Information and Support

  • For Booking.com-related queries, contact your Booking.com representative (provided after completing sign-up).

Learn more! Check out the resource below for even more information!