Integration Set Up

Campspot now offers campground owners the option to integrate with Through this integration reservations made on will automatically book in Campspot keeping all your reservations in one central location.

Setup Steps

1. To get started with the integration you must first sign up and list your property directly with through this link. It is important that you visit that specific link to get started as the general sign up link with will not apply for this integration.

The building and listing of your property is an involved process and step-by-step instructions for how to do this can be found here. Please follow these instructions very closely during this process.

Note: If you already have your sites listed on and are not signing up with them for the first time, you should login to the Extranet and skip to the page titled "How To Connect To A Channel Manager" and follow the instructions from there. 

2. After you have listed your property and followed all requirements from the above step-by-step instructions, you should have access to your Property ID, Room ID(s) and Rate Plan ID(s) within the Extranet. These numbers are required to complete the next step of signing up with Campspot. 

Note: Each Site Type that you've set up separately in should have its own Room ID. The unique Room ID for each Site Type will need to be provided in the Campspot sign up form.

3. Next, you need to make sure any Lodging Site Types that you have listed on have their own Occupancy Min/Max Age Groups Rule in place. Any Site Type that is set up on a booking integration cannot be in the same Occupancy Min/Max Age Groups Rule as a park that is not set up on an integration. If you have two or more Lodging Site Types both using the integration they can be set up on the same rule. To learn about creating Occupancy Rules visit this page on our support site. 

4. Next, you will need to complete Campspot's Integration sign up form here.

Included in the form are the legal terms serving as a contract addendum for Campspot. Information about and instructions for payment of the initial $200 per park setup fee are provided in the sign up form.

You are required to provide your Property ID, Room ID(s) and Rate Plan ID(s) on the sign up form. After this form is completed, the Campspot team will activate the integration for your park within a few weeks. A more specific expected wait time between sign up and activation is to be determined. 

5. A member of the Campspot team will inform you when the integration has been activated for your park. You can expect to begin taking new reservations made though 

For any questions about and their Extranet, please contact your representative. You will be given that contact information after completing sign up and listing of your property.

To learn more about how the integration and reservations work, visit our FAQ page here.