Reservation Grid

Add-on Grid: What's on the Page?

The Add-on grid view lists all active Daily Add-ons and displays the number of available Add-ons for each day.


Explore Campspot's Daily Add-ons page where you can efficiently manage your parks Daily Add-ons offerings. This article will explore the different views and functionality available from this page in your park's Admin Site.

Daily Add-Ons_Whats on the page

Daily Add-On Grid Views

Inventory View

  • The inventory view, your command center for Daily Add-ons, displays the availability for each day.
  • Customize your view by adjusting the number of visible days through the dropdown and selecting your starting date using the calendar picker.


Visual Indicators

  • Each grid block signifies a night, with the number inside indicating available add-ons.
  • The grid blocks colors will help you quickly identify availability:
Dark-gray No availability
Red Low availability (1-20%)
Orange Medium availability (21-40%)
Green High availability (41-100%)

Assignment View

  • This view presents configured Daily Add-on types assigned to specific units and reflected in the availability calendar.
  • Daily Add-on reservations appear on the assignment grid upon unit assignment, a process possible up to one day before the reservation begins.

Example: If a guest has booked a golf cart starting on July 27th, the specific golf cart/unit number can be assigned at the earliest on July 26th. 


Daily Add-on: Admin Hold Management

Daily add-ons can be placed on an admin hold from this view.

  • Easily place Daily Add-ons on admin hold with the New Admin Hold button located at the upper left corner in the add-on grid view.
  • Admin holds can be assigned by clicking up arrows in nightly blocks, and successful holds are displayed at the bottom of the grid in gray.
  • Current admin holds are conveniently listed under the Add-on Availability grid in the Admin Hold Reservations section.