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BnBerry - Airbnb and Vrbo Integrations: Set Up Guide

Discover the power of Campspot and BnBerry to offer Full Service Airbnb and Vrbo integrations for a streamlined campground booking experience.


Elevate your campground's booking experience with Campspot's integration with BnBerry. Now, seamlessly connect with Airbnb and Vrbo to centralize reservations in one location - BnBerry. Follow the steps below to embrace a new era of efficiency and convenience for your business.


  • Effortless Integration: Seamlessly connect with BnBerry through Campspot, ensuring a unified reservation experience.
  • Centralized Reservations: Streamline Airbnb and Vrbo bookings in one location - BnBerry, simplifying reservation management.
  • Personalized Setup: Initiate integration with tailored support from BnBerry, ensuring an efficient and customized setup.
  • Optimized Occupancy Rules: Set up Lodging Site Types with dedicated Occupancy Min/Max Age Groups Rules for a smooth integration.
  • Swift Activation: Experience prompt integration activation within 1-2 weeks, enhancing your park's capabilities for accepting new reservations.

Integration Instructions:

Step 1: Sign Up with BnBerry

To get started, you will collaborate with BnBerry directly for setup steps and provide necessary information based on your campground's availability. Danielle Barber will be your point of contact. Email her at danielle@bnberry.com to express interest in the integration.

Note: If you already have your sites listed on Airbnb or Vrbo and are not signing up with them for the first time, Danielle will be able to assist you with that as well. 

Step 2: Set Occupancy Min / Max Age Groups Rule in Campspot:

  • Ensure that Lodging Site Types on Booking.com have their own Occupancy Min/Max Age Groups Rule in your Admin Site.
  • Site Types using the integration cannot share the same rule with non-integrated parks. Multiple Lodging Site Types using the integration can share a rule.

To learn about creating Occupancy Rules visit this page on our support site. 

Step 3: Complete Campspot's Integration Form:

  • Fill out Campspot's Airbnb / Vrbo sign-up form here.
  • Review and comply with legal terms and instructions for the $200 per park setup fee.

Step 4: Campspot Activation:

  • After form completion, the Campspot team will activate the integration within a few weeks (specific activation time to be determined).

Step 5: BnBerry Activation:

A member of the BnBerry team will inform you when the integration has been activated for your park. You can then expect to begin taking new reservations made through Airbnb or Vrbo.

Contact Information and Support:

For any questions about BnBerry and their Extranet, please contact them directly using any of the contact information below:

Danielle Barber (Main Point of Contact) danielle@bnberry.com
Direct Billing invoice@bnberry.com
Reservations booking@bnberry.com 
Rates, taxes and other pricing updates content@bnberry.com 

Have questions?

Check out the BnBerry - Airbnb and Vrbo Integrations: FAQ here.