Analytics: What's on the Page?

Optimize insights and advertising efficiency with Campspot's Analytics page—connecting your campground to Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, AdWords, and Tag Manager.


Empower your campground's marketing strategy with Campspot's Analytics page. Seamlessly integrate tracking and reporting systems to optimize your advertising efforts.

Analytics Page

What's on the page: Analytics

The Analytics page is part of the Consumer Site Admin section of Campspot and can be accessed by:

  1. Navigate to Consumer Site Admin
  2. Click on Analytics tab.

This page serves as a hub for linking various tracking and reporting systems with Campspot.

Please note: Remember to click 'Save' after making any changes on the Analytics page to ensure they are preserved.

Meta (Facebook) Pixel

If you advertise your campground using Facebook ads, link your Facebook Pixel account to Campspot. Simply paste your Facebook Pixel ID under the 'Facebook Pixel' header to track conversion rates and other analytics from your Facebook ads.

Google Analytics

To set up Google Analytics tracking on your consumer site, ensure you have a Google Analytics account. Copy your Google Analytics tracking ID and paste it into the input box under the 'Google Analytics' header. This setup enables you to analyze visitor data on your consumer site.

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Google AdWords

Track conversion rates from Google AdWords to Campspot by pasting your Google AdWords conversion ID and conversion label into the fields under the 'Google AdWords Conversion Tracking' header.

Google Tag Manager

Manage and deploy tracking codes and analytics tags efficiently with Google Tag Manager. Paste your Google Tag Manager Container ID in the designated field to streamline your tracking processes.

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