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BnBerry - Airbnb and Vrbo Integrations: FAQ

Find answers about the power of Campspot and BnBerry offering a Full Service Airbnb and Vrbo integration for a streamlined campground booking experience.


Explore new avenues for campground revenue by integrating your Lodging Site Types with Airbnb and Vrbo through BnBerry. Enhance visibility and bookings on popular platforms while benefiting from BnBerry's full-service integration. Get started by contacting BnBerry, and dive into the FAQ for detailed insights.


  • Seamlessly list Lodging Site Types on Airbnb and Vrvo with BnBerry
  • Efficiently manage pricing, taxes, and additional fees
  • Stay informed about reservation updates through Campspot and BnBerry

Incorporating Airbnb and Vrbo integrations through BnBerry empowers campground owners to expand their reach, optimize revenue, and cater to the evolving preferences of modern campers.

Due to popular demand for this integration, our third party partner, BnBerry, has advised that it may take up to two months for onboarding process to begin until otherwise noted.

Most Common FAQ:

For convenience, the FAQ is organized by the following:

Setup and Costs

Q: How do I turn on the Integrations?

Click here to learn more about setting up this integration.

Q: What is the cost to use these integrations?

Campspot Setup fees:

Campspot charges a $10 per month per park fee to access select integrations. If you are already taking advantage of another integration for your park, there will be no added setup costs.

Campspot fees:

Your existing online booking fee applies to any reservation made through the OTA service. These fees are seamlessly integrated into your monthly invoice based on reservations booked.

BnBerry fees:

There is also a commission charged from BnBerry and that specific amount is communicated during their sign up process. 

Q: How long does the set up process take?

The time frame for the set up process with BnBerry will vary by park. This time frame depends on your campground's availability to provide the required information. 

Listing and Site Type Pricing

Q: Can I list all of my sites on Airbnb and/or Vrbo?

Only Lodging Site Types can be listed through this integration.

Q: What if I already have listings with Airbnb and/or Vrbo?

No worries! Keep the listings active until meeting with BnBerry. They will instruct you on what to do with your current listings. Do not take them down before BnBerry has them activated on their side.

Q: Do I have to list on both Airbnb and Vrbo?

No. You can list on one or on both OTA platforms. Listings through both Airbnb and Vrbo will both be setup and handled through BnBerry.

Q: Am I responsible for creating my sites in AirBnb and or Vrbo?

No, listings are configured by BnBerry during the setup process. All details for listings will be communicated to BnBerry by your park. These details should be the same as the details you have for the Site Types in Campspot.

Q: How can I see what Site Types have been made available on Airbnb or Vrbo?

To see what Site Types are setup you can view those through the BnBerry Extranet or by looking for your listing directly on Airbnb or Vrbo.

Q: How do I change which Site Types I have listed through BnBerry?

To modify your listed Site Types made available through BnBerry, contact BnBerry to make those changes for you.

Your Admin Site must also be updated. To do this and ensure synchronization please reach out to the Campspot support team for backend adjustments, as changes cannot be made directly through your Campspot Admin page. 

Q: How will the price of the same listing on Campspot and Airbnb or Vrbo differ?

  • Base Pricing: Campspot communicates nightly Base Pricing directly with the integration.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Rates will also reflect changes made by Campspot Dynamic Pricing rules.
  • Taxes: Automatically added during the BnBerry setup process.

If you wish to make any changes to the automatic tax rate set by BnBerry, you can contact them directly to assist you with making that change. 

Please note: Any additional fees or surcharges should be communicated to BnBerry to set up.

You have the ability to add the commission (to BnBerry) on top of your normal nightly pricing in your Airbnb or Vrbo listings. 

Q: Will all of the rules setup for my Site Types in Campspot automatically transfer over to Airbnb and or Vrbo?

No, only the following rules are transferred through the integrations:

  • Occupancy rules 
  • Minimum and maximum stay lengths
  • Booking in advance limit rules 
  • Resort closed rules 

Integration Services & Management

Q: What services are included in the integrations?

As these are full service integrations, the services provided by BnBerry are as follows: 

  • Representing campground on online booking platforms Airbnb and Vrbo
  • Create, distribute and manage listings for campground through a proprietary
    software, managed and created by BnBerry
  • Create descriptions, guides, captions, source photos and map rates
    and availability for listings across all supported platforms
  • Monitor listings performance and make necessary adjustments and
    updates to reflect any changes at the campground or boost conversion
  • Access to BnBerry's Extranet which provides live visibility of campground's
    production & services, volume of inquiries resolved, and production in
    revenue, room nights, average daily rates, booking window, average
    length of stay, etc.
  • Reservation management including 24/7 guest support
  • Collect payment from guests or platforms 
  • Provide account and revenue management suggested actions to improve sales and performance. Listings for campground under their high performance accounts: Roompicks Accommodations, Roompicks Premier and others.

Q: If all guest communication is handled by BnBerry, how can my guests contact them?

Airbnb and Vrbo require extensive guest communication. BnBerry's professional guest support team provides 24/7 guest inquiry support via text, email, phone and in-platform messaging. Your guests should reach out via the platform they booked on.

Note: when guests make booking through these OTA platforms they are not given the contact information of your campground.

Q: How can I contact BnBerry for questions or assistance with changes?

To contact BnBerry use the information provided below: 

Direct Billing  invoice@bnberry.com
Reservations  booking@bnberry.com
Rates, taxes and other pricing updates  content@bnberry.com

Monitoring Reservation

Q: How will I know when a new reservation is made through Airbnb or Vrbo?

  • Check Campspot: Find new bookings in Campspot on both your Reservations List and your Reservation Grid.
  • Email Notification: Receive an email notification sent to your designated "Reply To" email address, alerting you of a new booking.
  • Automated Reporting: Schedule the Online Travel Agency Reservations report to be sent to your park regularly, providing a summary of all new bookings.

Processing Payments

Q: How does my campground receive payment for reservations made through the integration? 

  • Reservations made through Airbnb and Vrbo are confirmed in Campspot with no automatic payment.
  • Payments for these reservations must be manually processed in Campspot by your campground.
  • Upon discovering a new booking, log in to Campspot to initiate payment processing.
  • Locate the booking using the Airbnb or Vrbo confirmation number.
  • BnBerry provides each campground with a dedicated Virtual Credit Card for processing all new reservation payments.
Detailed instructions on this payment process are provided during the setup with BnBerry.

Q: What does a new OTA reservation with no payment look like?

The images below show a reservation made through an OTA prior to the payment being added in Campspot.

1. Reservation Summary page

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 15.55.11

2. Reservation Summary Billing page with no Payments or Invoice History.Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 16.21.18

Q: Do I need to have a specific Payment Method active in Campspot to process payments for reservations made through the integration?

In order to process payments for Airbnb and or Vrbo reservations, you will need to have the following payment methods set up in Campspot when you start using the integration:

  • Credit Card
  • Transfer External Payment Method

Click here to learn more about setting up Payment Methods in your Admin Site.  

Guest Experience

Q: Are the guests' sites locked when they book through Airbnb and Vrbo?

No, Guests are not able to lock their sites upon booking and the integration will not automatically lock sites. Because sites are not able to be locked, any lock site fees you have set up in Campspot are not transferred over through the integration and you also cannot set those up through the BnBerry Extranet. 

Reservation Edits, Cancellations and Refunds

Q: How do reservation edits work?

Guests are able to edit or request edits to their own reservations through their Airbnb or Vrbo account. Guests are only able to make edits themselves if the cancellation policy in Airbnb or Vrbo allows for edits or cancellations in the time frame that the customer wants to make the change. For any edits outside of that, guests are able to make edit requests directly through the website. All reservation edits are handled directly by BnBerry and your park will not need to do anything. 

Please Note: When reservation edits or requests are made, your park is not notified so it is recommended that you login to the Extranet regularly to check for these to keep updated on changes. 

Reservation date edits made by BnBerry are treated like Cancellations and the original reservation will be cancelled in both Airbnb or Vrbo and Campspot.

The reservation will then be automatically rebooked for the new reservation dates. When a reservation is cancelled and rebooked the funds from the original reservation payment will need to be moved to the new booking. This can be done by moving the funds from either User or Camp Credit use them to pay for the new reservation under new dates.

If a guest contacts you directly requesting a reservation edit, you should direct them back to the website where they booked - either Airbnb or Vrbo. 

Q: How do cancellations and refunds work?

Cancellation policies must be put in place during the set up process with BnBerry as the policies in Campspot are not passed through the integration. 

Guests are able to cancel their reservations directly through Airbnb or Vrbo if the cancellation policy allows for that. Reservations cancelled by guests will automatically be cancelled in Campspot as well. 

Please Note: Your park will need to process any refund for the reservation through Campspot using the Virtual Credit Card provided to you by BnBerry. 

Q: How do no-shows work?

If a guest doesn’t show up for their booking, you will need to inform BnBerry of this. All reservations charges are still collected by your park in the case of no shows.

Q: What happens if a double booking occurs?

You can view a list of double bookings by viewing the Online Travel Agency (OTA) Double Bookings report in the Reporting section of Campspot. If double bookings occur, your park will be responsible for contacting Bnberry and deciding which of the reservations will be moved to a new site or new dates. If you decide that the reservation made through Campspot should be moved then you can make that change in Campspot.

Reporting and Monitoring

Q: How will bookings made through the integrations look different in Campspot Reports?

Four new Reports have been added in the Reporting section of Campspot.
The new Reports are shown in the image below.

Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 15.40.22