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Affiliate Network Partnerships: Maximizing Your Park's Visibility

Learn how Campspot's Affiliate Network Partnership integrations increase your park's visibility at no additional cost.


Campspot has established affiliate network partnerships with leading outdoor hospitality brands. These partnerships provide parks listed on Campspot.com with increased exposure to potential guests through content and campground listings on the partner websites. The listing information is automatically pulled from the park's active Marketplace listing on Campspot.

Uses & Benefits:

  • Effortless Connection: Campspot automatically provides up-to-date park information from your active Marketplace listing to affiliate partners, ensuring accurate and appealing listings on their sites, driving potential guests to Campspot.com for booking.
  • Cost-Free Integration: Gain exposure to new guests without incurring additional costs. The commission rate for bookings remains the same.
  • Automatic Implementation: No manual setup required. Campspot handles all content updates to affiliate partners, ensuring seamless integration.
  • Revenue Generation: Enhanced visibility through affiliate networks can attract new guests and increase bookings.
  • Opt-Out Flexibility: Maintain control over your park's visibility. Opt out of the program anytime by filling out an opt-out form.

Affiliate Network Partnerships

Through Campspot's affiliate network partnerships, your park can enjoy increased visibility and attract new guests without any additional effort or cost. By leveraging the reach of our top outdoor hospitality partners, your park's information is seamlessly integrated and displayed across multiple platforms. This automatic integration ensures that your park is featured accurately and appealingly to a broader audience, driving potential guests directly to Campspot.com for bookings.

Current Partners:

Upcoming Partners:

Most Common FAQ:

Q: How does this integration work?

Campspot partners with top outdoor hospitality brands to share relevant and up-to-date park information (e.g., location, photos, amenities). This information is displayed on partner websites, directing potential guests to Campspot.com for booking, ensuring a smooth booking experience and additional exposure for your campground.

Q: Are there any costs for this exposure on affiliate partner websites?

No, there are no additional costs for this exposure. The existing commission rate for bookings made through Campspot.com remains unchanged.

Q: Do I have to do any setup?

No setup or activation is required. Campspot automatically provides the necessary park information and content to the affiliate partners for display on their websites based on your Marketplace listing. Click here to learn more about your Marketplace Listing.

Q: What if I do not want to have my park information listed on these affiliate partners' websites?

If you prefer not to have your park included on affiliate partner websites, fill out the opt-out form here. Once submitted, Campspot will notify its affiliate partners to remove your park’s content and any links to Campspot.com.

Q: What if my park has opted out of Marketplace?

If your park has opted out of Marketplace, your information will not be shared as part of this program.