How To: Edit Admin Holds

Learn how to edit existing Admin Holds.

Admin Holds empower you to temporarily restrict specific inventory within both the Admin Site and for guests booking online, helping you efficiently manage site availability. This article will explain how to Edit Admin Holds.

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Admin Holds: Setup

Edit Existing Admin Hold

You can update Admin Holds post-creation, including the following fields:

Edit Hold Dates

If certain sites require different hold durations, you can incorporate them into the main set of dates. Adjust the dates for specific sites as they become available or according to your planning. Here's how:

  • Click the checkbox in front of the site(s)
  • Click Edit Dates
  • Update dates
  • Click Save

View the looped screen capture below to observe this process (without audio)
Change Admin Hold Dates

Add Additional Notes

Enhance your Admin Hold with additional notes to provide users with real-time updates on its status. Here's how you can do it:

  • Click Add Note
  • Enter the new note into the field
  • Click the green Add Note button to save

You can also edit or delete notes by clicking the three dots located to the right of the specific note.

View the looped screen capture below to observe this process (without audio)

Add Admin Hold Note

Admin Hold History

  • To view Admin Hold History, access the Reservation Grid or List, and click on the relevant Admin Hold.
  • Scroll to the bottom to find Admin Hold History, detailing when the hold was created or when it was updated last along with sites involved, timestamp, and creator/editor.
  • This history also covers individual sites removed from multi-site Admin Holds.