Feature Overview: Admin Holds

Efficient Site Management with Admin Holds: A Comprehensive Guide.


Admin Holds are a powerful tool for managing site availability, providing flexibility and transparency in campground operations. Learn how to create, customize, and remove Admin Holds to streamline your site management process.

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Why use this feature?

Admin Holds serve as a robust tool for closing sites and blocking bookings, crucial for various internal processes such as Maintenance, Housekeeping, Construction, Flooding, and more.

Unlike other features that may restrict bookings, Admin Holds ensure a comprehensive blockage for specific sites during a specified date range for both internal and external bookings (bookings made online).

Who can use the feature?

The beauty of Admin Holds lies in its accessibility. This feature is not permission-based, making it available to any user of your Campspot Admin Site.

However, due to its impactful nature in preventing bookings, it's a Best Practice to establish clear processes or procedures to guide users in the approved use of this feature.

What does it look like?

The Admin Holds workflow unfolds within the Admin Site, where users complete a dedicated form. To delve into the detailed process, refer to our step-by-step guide here.

Creating an Admin Hold

An example of the seamless process of creating a new Admin Hold is below. This screen recording provides a visual walkthrough with no audio, ensuring clarity in every step.

Admin Hold Cart to complete-1

Upon completion, the impact of the Admin Hold becomes evident on the Booking Chart at your front desk. Easily identifiable, a click on the Admin Hold reveals a treasure trove of information—dates by site, Hold Reason, and updated notes, providing your team with a comprehensive understanding of site progress.

See the example below of an Active Admin Hold:

Admin Hold

This example showcases a live Admin Hold, illustrating how it visibly stands out on the Booking Chart, allowing for swift recognition and understanding.

How is an Admin Hold different from a Pencil-in Hold?

An Admin Hold enables you to close a site for internal purposes.

A Pencil-In Hold is used to temporarily hold a site for a guest during the reservation process. This extremely effective tool will empower your guest to hold a site and finalize the booking online when they are ready to confirm. Click here to learn more.