How to: Add New RV Types Allowed to setup

Learn where to select which RV types your park allows in your Admin Site setup.


When booking through the Admin Site or online (Consumer Site and Marketplace), your guest will select which RV type they plan to bring to your park. Campspot enables you to define which types of RVs are allowed when a guest creates a booking. This article will explain where these settings are setup.

RV Types Allowed list

There are a few places within your Admin Site where RV equipment types are used to either make a reservation or filter results and for online bookings. Campspot has a list of 10 RV types you can select to accept. Follow the directions below to find and select these.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Navigate to the Forms List page

  1. Navigate to Campground Setup
  2. Click on the Properties tab
  3. Select the Forms List page
  4. Scroll down to locate each field:

RV Types allowed list

Step 2: Selecting Types

To select the RV types you will accept on reservations, click in front of each applicable RV type. This is predefined list and no additional items can be added.

Please Note:

If there is no need to distinguish between classes of motorhomes, it is recommended that the Motorhome RV Type is selected and the motorhome class options are made inactive, or vice versa.