How To: Add Policies to Confirmation Emails

Learn how to add links to your Campground Policies on your confirmation emails.


Easily enhance your reservation confirmation emails in Campspot by adding links to your park's policies. Ensure guests have easy access to important information agreed upon during reservation submission.


  • Improve guest experience by providing easy access to important policies.
  • Enhance communication and transparency with guests regarding your parks policies and rules.
  • Avoid redundancy by linking policies directly to reservation confirmation emails.

Add policies to Confirmation Email

Simplify your communication process in Campspot by integrating policy links directly into reservation confirmation emails. Provide guests with convenient access to your policies set in Campspot without cluttering communication channels or duplicating information.

Once your policies are set within the Policies tab of Properties in Campground Setup, you can add the links to the email confirmations.

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Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Navigate to Messaging on the Properties tab
  2. Within the body of the message, click the [T], or token, button.
    1. A list of tags will show in a dialog box. The list of options to choose from are:
      Screenshot 2023-06-02 at 10.25.50 AM
  3. Click on the link you would like to include, and click OK.
  4. Continue this process with any additional links you would like to include.
  5. When complete, click Save Changes in the bottom right corner.

The screen share gif below shows this process starting on the Messaging page (no sound).

Add Links to Confirmation Email