How To: Add a New Site Type

Learn how to add a new Site Type.

1. Go to Unit Setup

Click on the primary navigation icon and select Campground Setup.

Select Unit Setup from the secondary menu.

2. Select a Site Category

Select a Site Category by clicking on Tent, Lodging, RV Sites or Other.

Unit Setup

Click the Add Type button.

3. Complete the New Site Type form 

Check the Is Active box, if this is an active site type.

Enter a Site Type name in the Name field.

Select whether Pet Friendly and/or Accessible should Display on Consumer Site with Icon.

Click in the Amenities field and select all applicable site type amenities from the list.

Click in the Add-ons Allowed field and select all applicable add-ons from the dropdown list:

  1. Daily Add-ons Allowed
  2. Online Store Add-ons Allowed

Enter a description of the site type in the Description field.

Enter additional information in the Invoice Message field.

Click the Choose photo to upload button to upload any of the following image types (Learn more information on Site Type Images):

  • Main Image
  • Slideshow
  • Floorplan

Under the Accounting section, click into each financial account type and select a financial account from the dropdown list. Learn more about Accounting.

Click the Save button located in the right-hand corner of the screen.

Q: What if the save button is not highlighted?

This means a required field to save the site type is missing. The minimum requirements for saving a new site type are:

  • Name
  • Financial account for all eight financial account types.

Now what?

With the new Site Type set up, there are a few other actions you will want to take:

Assign Sites

  1. Add New Sites
    Learn more about adding new sites here.
  2. Move Existing Sites
    Learn more about moving sites from another Site Type here.

Add Site Type To All Applicable Rules 

Before considering your new Site Type as bookable for reservations, add it to all existing Rules that should apply to it. If the new Site Type should have different Rules applied, create new Rules. 

As a best practice, all Rules should be considered prior to making a new Site Type bookable.

To update Rules, click on the primary navigation icon and select Rules

Create Nightly Pricing 

Sites cannot be booked without rates in the Base Prices for Campsites Report.  Read here to learn how to update nightly pricing with new Site Type.