Mar 2023 - Solar Eclipse Planning

Learn how to maximize your revenue potential for special events by using key features in Campspot.

Campspot is excited to partner with you to make astrotourism part of your business strategy. This webinar is 2 of 3 centered on leveraging the solar eclipse on April 8th of 2024 to your advantage by planning in advance. Your partners with Campspot Marketing focusing on the scope of this campaign are:

Ellie Burke, Content & SEO Manager

Michelle Hollenbeck, Senior Demand Generation Marketing Manager

We want to help you market this event! If your site inventory is open through April 8, 2024, your park will be included in a Marketing Campaign.

To qualify for this campaign:

  • Your park is located in the path of totality (check your park's location here)
  • You have inventory and photos on a Campspot Marketplace Listing
  • You must have your sites ready for online bookings by April 2023

As a guest host for this second webinar, Meghan Fitzgerald, Campspot's Manager of Customer Success, showcased key features you can use to maximize your revenue.

Topics discussed included:

Check out this PDF (Revenue Strategy for 2024 Eclipse) with additional information on topics discussed including links to direct you to our Knowledge Base to set yourself up for success.



Q: When I put a minimum length of stay into my Admin Site, are guests informed online if they do not meet that requirement?

Yes, the guest will see a notice of the minimum length of stay required to book. The guest can then change their dates and continue with the booking. Your front desk users will also see a notice within the Admin site regarding the length of stay requirements.

Q: When using Dynamic Pricing to automatically increase my rates if occupancy reaches a certain %, will my rates increase one time or incrementally with every new booking?

Once the threshold is met (50% for example) the base rate will increase by your preset amount (15% for example) just one time on any bookings 50% or above. Using a single rule will not incrementally increase your rates.

However, you can set multiple rules for different thresholds to manually create a more incremental dynamic rate structure. For example:

If occupancy reaches ____%, my rates will increase by ____.

Occupancy is 40 - 60%, increase by 10%.

Occupancy is 61 - 75%, increase by 10%.

Occupancy is 76 - 100%, increase by 20%.

For more information on these functions, check out the links below:

Investing in Revenue Management

Updating Base Pricing

Adding a Date Group

Implementing Dynamic Pricing

Leverage Minimum Length of Stay

Promotions Based on Stay Requirements