Length of Stay Based Rate Rules: Set up

Follow these steps to add rules to setup daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal rates.

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1. Go to Package/ Discounted/ Promo Code Pricing Rules

This rule set is located in the Rules section under the Pricing sub-section.


2. Open a New Variation

Click on the New Variation button.

New Variation

3. Select a Package Type

Click on the Package Type dropdown menu and choose Variable Rate or Fixed Rate.

  • Variable Rate packages are best suited for weekly and seasonal rates.
  • Fixed Rate packages are best suited for monthly rates.

4. Enter a Variation Name

The variation name is how the package rule is identified in the rules list and is displayed at the rate name on the invoice.

Best Practice: If this is a rule used for a specific year, consider putting the 4 digit year at the beginning of the Variation Name to keep your rules organized.

5. Select Active Dates and Site Types or Add-on Types

This section establishes when and where the package rate applies. 

  • Select an Active Date group(s) from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the Site Types or Add-on Types applicable to the rule.

6. Set the Expiration Date

The package rule will expire at 12:00am on the expiration date. An expiration date is required.

7. Configure the stay length and day requirements

This section establishes who qualifies for the package rate.

  • Set the stay length requirement using the If stay is _ dropdown menu and entering a number of nights.
  • Choose all applicable check-in days to qualify for the package rate.
  • Choose any days the reservations must cover in order to qualify for the package rate.
  • Choose the fewest and greatest number of days prior to arrival the reservation can be booked to qualify for the package rate.

8. Configure the Rate Change

This section establishes what rate change takes place if the above stay requirements are met.

  • A variable rate change can be applied as + / - a dollar amount ($) or percentage (%) of the base rate.
  • A new rate can be applied as dollar amount.
  • Choose to apply the rate change as a flat surcharge or daily rate change for all or a select number of nights of the reservation.
  • The eligible period options are only applicable when selecting an eligible period option from the dropdown menu. The eligible period is the number of nights the rate change will apply and eligible days is used to exclude certain days from the rate change if required.

9. Complete Package Description and Save.

Decide whether to display this package title and description on the consumer site and enter a promo code if applicable.

  • A Package Title and Package Description are required to save the rule. There is a 4 character minimum for the package description.
  • Leaving Promo Code blank will automatically apply the package rate to the reservation if the stay requirements are met.
  • Don't forget to click Save.

Duplicating Package/ Discounted/ Promo Code Pricing Rules

These rule can be duplicated once saved by checking the box next to the rule and clicking the Duplicate button. Use the duplicated rule as a template and switch out any criteria to build multiple stay length based rates.

Examples of Common Stay Length Based Rules

Weekly Flat Rate

Monthly Fixed Rate

Seasonal Rate

Stay 3 Nights Get 4th Free