Release Notes - September 2023



  • When two guest profiles are merged Account History from both will now also be merged. As a result, Campspot users are now able to see User Credit and Camp Credit details (Ex: Refund date, amount) that took place before the profile merge. Previously Account History would not be visible after profile merges. 
  • Site Type and Site Number have been separated into two columns on the Reservation List in the Booking tab.



  • Occurrences of the common "User does not have a valid session id" error have been resolved with a bug fix. 
  • Occurrences of contact information intermittently displaying incorrectly at the bottom of the order confirmation emails have been resolved. 



  • In the marketplace (, when users went to Trip Details and selected the "Guests" field then selected the dates field, the Guest field wasn't dismissed and caused an an overlay. Occurrences of this have been resolved. 
  • Previously on Consumer Booking Sites only the reason that a certain site is unavailable was being displayed. This has been updated and is now displaying all unavailable site types (that are eligible to be booked online) and the accompanying reasons.
  • Occurrences of park site images missing on Consumer Booking sites and in the Campspot App have been resolved.