The Rules section is where business rules are configured that dictate when and how a reservation is made.

Date Groups

The Date Group sub-section lists all active and inactive date groups. New date groups can be created on page.

Rate Groups

The Rate Groups sub-section includes one rule type that allows the configuration of rate groups for occupancy surcharges.


The Reservation sub-section includes rules that specify minimum and maximum stay lengths and restrict arrivals or departures in certain situations.


The Pricing sub-section includes rules that apply rate changes based on occupancy, length of stay, application of a promo code and more. Tax rules and additional charge rules that apply on a per reservation basis are configured here as well.


The Occupancy sub-section includes rules that specify minimum and maximum number of occupants and pets on a per site type basis.


The Policy sub-section includes rules that specify cancellation and payment policy rules.


The Functions sub-section includes miscellaneous rules, most notably grid optimization and lock site function. Rules that specify resort closing and advanced reservation limits are also found here.