Release Notes - October 2022



  • The new cancellation policy rules updates were released. These updates allow users to create cancellation policies that specify what happens to the money paid on a reservation when the guests cancels after the day of arrival. Previously money would only go to Camp Credit when the reservation was cancelled after the day of arrival. To learn more about these changes read here.
  • Occurrences of users with View Only permission having the ability to edit Online Store Add-ons have been resolved. These users can no longer edit and remain with View Only permissions. 
  • Occurrences of users being unable to submit purchase orders orders after clicking the "Replenish Negative Inventory" button have been resolved. 
  • Through the admin site users are now able to delete a terminal when the status is un-paired. Previously, if a terminal was disconnected, the user had to call Campspot support to delete and re-pair it.