Release Notes - January 2022



  • Occurrences of consumer site images displaying in the incorrect orientation were resolved. 
  •  For multi-site Admin Holds you can now see Admin Hold History showing when holds were created, who they were created by, when individual holds were cancelled and who they were cancelled by. 
  • The Edit Grid Order function is no longer causing inactive sites to show. 
  • Taxes on Utility Fees are now recorded in the incorrect Financial Accounts.
  • When attempting to edit the arrival date of reservations setup on Recurring Billing, parks were receiving errors making them unable to edit without completing a workaround. These errors have been resolved and reservations on Recurring Billing no longer require a workaround for edits to be completed. 



  • When editing the dates of a currently checked-in reservation setup on Recurring Billing, parks were seeing the reservation's checked-in status reverting back to 'Confirmed.' These occurrences have been resolved. 
  • When attempting to add a reservation to a group booking that was not originally booked as a group, some parks were receiving errors and were unable to complete the task. These occurrences have been resolved. 



  • When guests applied an RV filter while making a reservation through the Consumer Booking Site, the RV filter was causing less sites to show available to book than the true number available. This was affecting the number of sites showing as available in other Site Types. These occurrences have been resolved.