Release Notes - 3/16/2021


  • New Reservation Workflow (Admin) - Redesign and Improvement of the admin reservation workflow has been completed and some parks will begin utilizing the new workflow.
    • Additional parks will be phased into the new workflow each day for the remainder of this week.
    • These changes are for the admin workflow only, and will not change the consumer site workflow
    • Please see the New Reservation Workflow video in the Feature Demonstrations section of the Campspot Support Site
  • Split Point of Sale (POS) Payment - Users can now process a sale in POS using multiple payment methods in the same transaction


  • Error Messaging - Improved the messaging for Consumer / Marketplace checkouts that is presented when guest encounters a payment error


  • Daily Occupancy, Arrivals, and Departures - New report listing total occupancy, arrival totals, and departure totals per day
  • POS Inventory Additions - New report that lists all additions to a park's POS inventory over a given period of time.
    Shows POS Location, Item Category, Item Name, SKU, Inventory Added, Cost/Unit, Date Added and Source
  • Add-On Optimization - Fixed issue where optimization of add-ons would sporadically fail during admin edit workflow when there was low availability of add-on units
  • Group Reservation Lock Site - Intermittent failure to add a locked site to an existing group, this has been resolved
  • Group Reservation Discounts/Promo Codes - Discounts and/or promo codes applied to group reservations did not show as applied to a subsequently claimed site reservation
  • User Management Password Reset - The reset password confirmation button was not viewable on screen unless browser zoom was low.  This visual bug has been fixed