How to Create a Miscellaneous Charge

This allows you the ability to add a charge to a reservation that cannot or does not fall within the rules or base pricing such as late fees, deposits, or damage fees.

1. Navigate to Campground Setup > Accounting > Miscellaneous Charges.

2. Click the Add Charge button.

3. Fill out the Add Miscellaneous Charge form.


  • Enter a name in the Miscellaneous Charge Name field.
  • Enter a value in the Default Charge Amount field.
  • Select a Financial Account from the dropdown menu.
  • Select a Deferred Financial Account from the dropdown menu.
  • Select a Revenue Realization option by clicking on the radial button next to your selection
  • If Taxes apply to this miscellaneous charge, check the applicable box(es).
  • Select the Is charge a deposit? box if this charge will be voided at the end of the guest’s stay to apply towards their bill or be refunded.
  • The Status will automatically be set to “Active” but can be inactivated later if no longer in use.
  • Click the green Add Charge button.