How to charge a POS receipt to a site

Charge a POS Receipt To Site

Point of sales charges can be added to a current guest’s invoice and paid for later with a credit card on file. This requires a customer added to the sale and choosing the charge to site payment method.

To add a Customer to a Sale

Enter a customer name or site number in the Add Customer to Sale: field. Click on a customer from the drop down list.

To Pay with Charge to Site

Click the Payment Type: Other button.
Select Charge to Site from the Other Payment Types drop down menu.
Click the green Submit Payment button.

Charge to Site is Not an Option

The charge to site payment type works for checked-in reservations only. A checked-in customer’s site number will display next to their name when adding to a sale. A customer can be checked in from the reservation tab of the Reservation Summary or from the Front Desk.

No Card on File for Guest

The Require payment method on file for Charge to Site configuration prevents charging to site when there is no credit card on file. This configuration can be turned off in the Payment Method section of Campground Setup.