Create All New Nightly Rates for Campsites

This article should be used to support creating new rates in Campspot. Nightly rates are required to make a reservation for a campsite. Follow these steps to add nightly rates to Site Types for the first time.

Before proceeding, please consider:

1. Are you wanting to replace all rates (historical and future) from your Admin Site?

If yes, continue to the first section.

2. Are you wanting to update your current rates?

If yes, click here.

1. Download the Base Price Template for Campsites

Select Reporting from the primary navigation.
Enter “Base Price Template for Campsites” in the Search Reports: field.

Click on the Base Price Template for Campsites report in the All Reports list.
Click the Download button.

2. Enter Pricing in the Base Price Template for Campsites

Open the Base Price Template for Campsites .csv file from your browser downloads folder.
Edit the base price template file to reflect the active dates and rates of the campsite.
Save the file.

3. Upload Campsite Pricing CSV

Select Campground Setup from the primary navigation.
Select Properties from the secondary navigation.
Select Base Pricing from the tertiary navigation.
Click the Upload Campsite Pricing CSV button.

Select the base price template file from the documents list and click open.
Wait for the Upload Successful toast message to appear at the top of the page.

How to see Current Base Prices

Go to the Reporting section in the primary navigation and download the Base Prices for Campsites report. This report should match the base price template that was just uploaded.


To learn how to update existing nightly pricing visit this article