CardPointe/Clover Connect Terminal Integration

Any park located in the US that uses Clover Connect terminals will need to power cycle all devices after the CardPointe Integrated Payments/CloverConnect Integration taking place April 3rd, 2023.

What changes are happening for my park with this integration? 

There will be no changes to the way your park needs to process payments or any other operational changes. All changes are internal and allow for a more seamless backend process between Campspot and Clover Connect. 

Why do I need to do this? What is the benefit to my park?

This integration allows Campspot to directly connect your terminal to our software without using a third party as we have done in the past. This should allow for smoother troubleshooting when terminal issues arise. 

What parks does this affect?

Parks that use Clover Connect terminals and are located in the US will need to power cycle their terminals as a result of this integration. If your park is required to power cycle your terminal you should have received an email and an in-app notification alerting you of this. 

If you did not receive a notification and you find that your terminal is not working after April 3rd, please try power cycling it twice as you may be a park that is required to do so. 

How can I power cycle my terminals? 

We recommend that you power cycle your terminals two times in a row. To power cycle a Clover terminal you can hold down the power button and choose restart. To power cycle your Ingenico or Lane terminal you can remove the power cord allowing the terminal to power down. You should then reconnect the power cord to restart the device. 

When do I need to power cycle? 

All terminals should be power cycled on April 3rd, 2023 at 11:30 AM est. 

What happens if I do not power cycle my terminal on April 3rd? 

If you do not power cycle your terminal on April 3rd, 2023, it will not work and will require a power cycle before it will function as normal again. 

What should we do if something doesn't work after this update?

If you experience any issues after power cycling your terminal(s) twice, please try power cycling it again. If any issues still remain, please contact Campspot Support for further assistance.